the axis of the cosmos

One of my all-time favorites: Jimi Hendrix second album from 1967


Cobra: “Quiet Center of Stillness is the silent witness within, the observer. It dissolves portions of primary anomaly simply by observing it. This is one of the most important things people can do to help assisting the liberation.”

March 4th Cobra interview by Essayenya Mosteenya

There is something that could be called the axis of the cosmos.

These words are symbols used to convey a thought form. The thought form is also merely a representation of the thing itself and as such it is more like the skeleton of the thing than the actual living form. Imagine the solid steel axis of an immensely powerful machine. This machine moves with infinite precision down to the smallest of its myriad parts. We get a sense of its magnitude when we put our attention on its larger parts, in this case, the huge bodies that are made up of a nearly infinite number of what we call stars. These bodies are known as galaxies: systems of millions or billions of stars, together with gas and dust, held together by mysterious attraction.

The axis of this humongous machine is, of course, of colossal dimensions. It as well cannot be envisioned as being like the axis of a railroad car or the imaginary straight line that something (such as the Earth) turns around. It is more like an energy core around which the forces of manifestation of the Creator turn.

In the interview above, Cobra mentions the primary anomaly that is inhibiting the evolution of the entire universe. He goes on the state that the silent observer within, the Quiet Center of Stillness, is able to dissolve portions of the primary anomaly in the universe simply by observing it. “This is one of the most important things people can do to help assisting the liberation.” 

My sense of the primary anomaly is that it is the frequency that creates a sense of separation between that which is actually together with itself. It begins to act and perceive extensions of itself as ‘not belonging’ or ‘other’ or ‘alien’. Thus we can imagine the primary anomaly as creating friction in the smooth mechanism of creation. We can use the metaphor of sand or very, very fine grit on the axis of a railroad car. If this grit were of the consistency of a diamond, it would over time inhibit the smooth functioning of the axis and throw it completely out of whack. That is what has happened to our universe.

Since this anomaly is on the quantum level, as Cobra says, we need to address it on that level. Therefore the right tool to dissolve this primary anomaly is the Quiet Center of Stillness that each of us has access to. Once stable in that Center, we need simply to observe the anomaly in whatever form it takes and watch it dissolve. There is, however, nothing passive about this process, indeed it is a state of great intensity and infinite activity. 

I personally go into my Inner Space and find myself as this axis of the cosmos perfectly smooth and oiled and allowing the effortless turning of the cosmos and of all of creation the way is was originally designed. All irregularities, all anomaly is dissolved.

Go into your Inner Space daily and just observe all appearances of the primary anomaly thus helping to dissolve it.




5 thoughts on “the axis of the cosmos

  1. Loved this reflection, Tomas. I liked the way I felt looking through the skeleton of it, feeling within that axis of Truth. Also the phrase the “primary anomaly” was interesting… intriguing… realizing that separation is this strange perspective. An anomaly. Something anachronistic. It breaks down when we behold it with vision…


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  3. Reblogged this on New Earth Paradigm and commented:
    A beautiful post by my partner Tomas. An expansion upon a comment by Resistance Movement spokesperson, Cobra: how we can assist in dissolving what he calls The Quantum Anomaly. Thank you Tomas for this rich sharing and practical suggestion.

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