free of excited joy and anxiety

the mysterious principle


“The people of old said, ‘The mind changes in accord with ten thousand objects. And what is strange about this change?’ You should allow this change to happen in order to recognize your true nature. Once recognized, you will be free of excited joy and anxiety.

“This wonderful function that is happening in this present moment – who is performing it? Take hold of that and use it, and do not be caught in words. This is called the mysterious principle. Whoever has this insight is no longer obstructed by an obstacle.”

My Comment: When you allow this change to happen, you refrain from engaging with the chimera-realm of illusory forms. Only then does the monkey let go of one branch without grasping for the next. In this way abeyance happens. Allowing the wonderful function to occur without grasping, idea-making, naming or word-speaking is to look deeply at objects of perception. Then it is the openness for “Behold, it is I!” and “Who is performing this wonderful function now?” Continue reading