what is ‘the Self’?

"Inspiration often begins as an outer quest as you seek answers from the outside world..." R Rudd | Aimee Steward:


Having found that “Moment”, at that point of time – when it is found – you will know your Self.

For to know yourself does not mean to know your body only, it signifies the full revelation of That which eternally Is – the Supreme Father, Mother, Beloved, Lord and Master – the Self.

 source: Richard Lannoy, Anandamayi, Her Life and Wisdom, p. 99

What eternally IS: this statement gives some of the highest meanings attributed to the term “the Self”

“the Supreme Father” – not the patriarchal God of the old testament but rather the First Principle Energy, or any other name for that which catalyzed and still catalyzes all of creation;

“Mother” –  the highest principle of manifestation, which is that Being that brings forth all life;

“Beloved” – we are one with this Supreme Being, and therefore we have a relationship of supreme Love for this Being, our own Self, our most intimate Beloved;

“Lord” – many will have a hiccup upon reading this term. My Lord is the one I look to for sustenance and protection at all times in my life. I also look to align my will with the will of this Highest Principle, since it is my own deepest will;

“Master” – this is the one who is the master of all in the sense that he has mastered everything and he is not ‘at the effect’ of anything, as he is the Source of all that occurs. I look to this Master to learn how to master my own life;

“the Self” – all of these other terms are nested within this one most complete term. It is complete because it signifies the core of our own True Being, that has many aspects to it.





3 thoughts on “what is ‘the Self’?

  1. hmmm John Everard Everard spoke of six steps to Solomon’s throne.

    These are the levels of the six tiered dais of self-crucifixion to Solomon’s throne:

    1 Condemnation of Self;
    2 Annihilation of Self;
    3 Forsaking all things of the world;
    4 Indifference to all things;
    5 Conformity to Christ;
    6 Deiformity – when we are no longer men but gods.

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