puzzling over my words


I have always enjoyed the image of the stream of oil that flows so smoothly and continuously – free of interruption. This stream of awareness is becoming like that more and more – free of effort and it has nothing to do with ‘super-vigilance’ – but rather like the attention you naturally put on something you love. Attention (attending to) the Transcendent in all things is our pure nature that we are now settling back in to.


“Just puzzling over my words and trying to grasp their full meaning is a sadhana quite efficient for breaking down the wall.”




“Why then should you have to concern yourself with the revelation of the Moment? Because, misled by your perception of difference, you think of yourself and of each and everything in the world as apart from the rest.

“This is why, for you, separateness exists. The sense of separateness in which you are caught – that is to say, the moment of your birth – has determined your nature, your desires and their fulfillment, your development, your spiritual search – everything. Consequently the moment of your birth is unique, the moment of your mother’s birth is also unique, so is that of your father’s; and the nature and temperament of each of the three is unique.

“Each one of you in accordance with your own particular line of approach, must seize the time, the moment that will reveal to you the eternal relationship by which you are united to the Infinite: this is the revelation of Supreme Union. Supreme Union means the whole universe is within you and you are in it, and moreover there will be no more occasion to speak of a universe, for it will then no longer exist. Whether you say it exists or does not exist, or that it is beyond both existence and non-existence, or even beyond that – as you please: the important thing is that it should become revealed, be it in whatever form.

“Having found that “Moment”, at that point of time – when it is found – you will know your Self. To know your Self would imply the revelation at that very same instant of what your father and mother – and the entire universe – in reality are. It is that Moment, which links up the whole of creation.

“For to know yourself does not mean to know your body only, it Signifies the full revelation of That which eternally Is – the Supreme Father, Mother, Beloved, Lord and Master – the Self.

“At the moment of your birth, you did not know that you came into being. But when you have caught the Supreme Moment, you suddenly come to know Who you really are. At that instant, when you have found your Self, the whole universe will have become yours.

Source: Richard Lannoy, Anandamayi, Her Life and Wisdom, p. 99




related reading: the Supreme Instant


Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself. Rumi









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