the Supreme Instant

“Once the mind in the course of its movement has felt the touch of the Indivisible…”

“The power to make you grasp the Ungraspable duly manifests through the Guru. Where the question: “How am I to proceed?” arises, fulfillment has obviously not yet been reached. Therefore never relax your efforts until there is Enlightenment: let no gaps interrupt your attempt, for a gap will produce an eddy. Your striving must be continuous like the flowing of oil – it must be sustained, constant, an unbroken stream.

“That you have no control over the body’s need of food and sleep does not matter; your aim should be not to allow any interval in the performance of your sadhana. Do you not see how, whatever you require in the way of food and sleep, each at its own appointed hour, is without exception an ever-recurring need? In exactly the same manner must you aspire at uninterruptedness where the search after Truth is concerned.

“Once the mind in the course of its movement has felt the touch of the Indivisible – if only you can grasp that moment. – in that Supreme Instant all moments are contained and when you have captured it, all moments will be yours.

“Take, for example, the moments of confluence – sandhiksana – at dawn, midday and dusk, in which the power inherent in the point of conjunction, where coming and going meet, becomes revealed. What you call electric light or electricity in general is nothing but the union of two opposites: thus does Supreme Being flash forth at the moment of conjunction.

“Actually it is present at every single moment, but you miss it all the time. Yet this is what you have to seize – it can be done at the point of juncture where the opposites melt into one. Nobody is able to predict when for any particular individual this fateful Moment will reveal itself therefore keep on striving ceaselessly.

Question: “You say all moments are contained in that One Supreme Instant. I cannot understand this.

Anandamayi: “By the instant of one’s birth one’s experience of life is conditioned: but the Supreme Instant that is revealed in the course of sadhana leads to the completion of action, to the exhaustion of one’s karma.

“Desirelessness can consume only that which is combustible; Divine Love and Devotion dissolve only that which is soluble. But the moment in which there is neither burning nor dissolving – that Moment is eternal. To try and seize that Moment is all you have to do.

In reality this is That – all that is perceived is He – how can He be apart from anything? This is so when one has entered the stream, and then present, future and past are no longer separate. Behind the veil lies Reality, but before you is the veil. The veil was not there previously, nor will it be in the future, and hence it does not really exist now. In a certain state it is like this.

“The moment that you experience is distorted, whereas the Supreme Moment contains stability, non-stability, everything – yet all these are there and at the same time not there. And then there is a further state in which the question of the Supreme Moment and the fragmentary moment will not occur.”

source: Richard Lannoy, Anandamayi, Her Life and Wisdom, p. 97




Notice these terms:

the Ungraspable

the Indivisible

Supreme Instant

the Supreme Moment




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3 thoughts on “the Supreme Instant

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    • I have always enjoyed the image of the stream of oil that flows so smoothly and continuously – free of interruption. This stream of awareness is becoming like that more and more – free of effort and it has nothing to do with ‘super-vigilance’ – but rather like the attention you naturally put on something you love – attention (attending to) the Transcendent in all things is our pure nature that we are now settling back in to.

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