Here is Alia’s update and reminder for tomorrow’s Event Meditation! Please share far and wide! Thank you!

Link to Alia’s post here

Alia’s Comments: The weeks are flying by and I continue to see “real world” (what IS the “real world” anyway?) evidence that the balance of power is definitely shifting into the hands of those who have Humanity’s full interests in mind and heart.

I believe that our Sunday meditations are making a positive difference and adding to all the other positive actions that Lightworkers and Lightwarriors are taking worldwide and beyond. A petition for Full Disclosure is circulating on the internet. This is an important tool for the surface population of Humanity to cast our vote, as our wishes are not necessarily being considered by those who are supposedly “negotiating on our behalf.” Here is the link to the petition. It may not let two people “sign” from the same IP address. Very frustrating for Tomas and me who share one computer.

In addition to the petition I read the transcription of Rob Potter’s monthly interview with Cobra. As usual, I found many details of what is happening behind the scenes, according to the perspective of the Light Forces called the Resistance Movement. Here is the link to the transcription. There is a long intro by Rob which you may or may not find interesting.  Feel free to go directly to the Q & A portion.

The Sunday EVENT meditation begins at 7 PM GMT: 2 PM EST; 1 PM CST and 11 AM PST in the USA. Here is a simple time converter for other areas.

You can use the beautiful video below as a focusing tool.

You may also use the following video that is referred to in the video above. The relevant, additional material begins at minute 5:55.

Together we can do this!

Victory of the Light!




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