inner power


“… Reality (is) known by becoming possessed of one’s inner power – and then there is Awakening.”

This short statement of Anandamayi’s caught me this morning. What is one’s inner power? That is the focus of this statement. Also, what does it mean to become possessed of one’s inner power? How does this being possessed of one’s inner power relate to Awakening? Let’s say that one’s inner power is the Sat Guru that is the Light at the core of each of us; the inner connection to Intelligent Infinity that is always active with the intent to know Itself through each of us.

Question: “What actually is ‘The Grace of the Guru?”

Anandamayi: “When the Guru bestows his instructions, together with the capacity to translate them into action – this is his Grace. Grace is being poured out at all times. But it cannot enter because the receptacle is turned upside down. When one becomes receptive, one is able to receive Grace.”

The receptacle is our consciousness. When our consciousness is connected to the stream of ‘want’ and ‘need’ then the receptacle is ‘turned upside down’. When we connect to the stream of consciousness of our True Being, then we are open to receive this ‘grace’ of the Guru, of our inner power.

“By virtue of the yoga of sustained practice, the veil will be torn asunder and the Self stand revealed – one will advance towards one’s real home.

So long as there is craving, one will be born again and again; in other words, physical existence continues due to the sense of want. Through sustained spiritual practice one may be released from it.”

The Self will stand revealed – this is Intelligent Infinity that shows Itself continually but we are not looking. Craving blinds us because it is the state of consciousness that says: “Something is missing in my life.” As each of us is of the primal One Power, this belief makes it so that we perceive ourselves as separate from the One and thus lacking in some way. We then manifest an energy field in which something is lacking and, although this ‘lack’ is a fantasy and an illusion, we are convinced again and again that something is lacking, is needed. This becomes a vicious circle and self-validating in a negative way.

“In order that the fact of man’s eternal union with the One may be revealed, the commands of the Guru must be followed.

By so doing, one becomes worthy of his Grace. The Guru in his compassion points out each one’s own path, the path that leads to Self-Realisation.

There are two kinds of grace, namely with and without cause or reason. The first is obtained as the result of one’s actions; but when it is understood that one cannot get anywhere by one’s own effort, then Grace without cause or reason is received.

From the state of utter helplessness he lifts one up.”

What are the commands of the Guru? Given that the Guru is our inner power that wants to be connected, like an electric current, to our waking consciousness, the commands of the Guru can be understood as the fine inner voice of Silence that continually prompts us in our daily life if we are sensitive enough. Each of us knows what the ‘right thing’ to do is, in order to relate to others in a kind way and we know how to be of service to others. We all know when we are called to forgive ourselves and love ourselves. Generally, however, we are so caught up in the illusion of things that we need to urgently do that we continually put off taking time to quiet down so that we can hear that fine, still voice of our Sat Guru, our inner power speaking to us.

It is key to understand that one cannot get anywhere by one’s own effort. What we feel is our own effort is actually the condition of being deaf to the inner voice. When we begin to be vulnerable and to realize the necessity to keep ourselves open to the One Power, in whatever form it may show up, we start to let go of the adamancy of the little mind, that we call the ‘ego’. Then we are ‘lifted up’ and carried like a babe in arms by the Great One.






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