slow poison

Synthesis - tunnel of light

“Finding your Self, discovering who you really are, means to find God, for there is nothing outside of Him.”

Question: So you say happiness lies in finding my Self?

Anandamayi: Yes. Finding your Self, discovering who you really are, means to find God, for there is nothing outside of Him.

Question: You say all are God. But are not some people more God than others?

Answer: For him who asks such a question, this is so. But in actual fact God is fully and equally present everywhere.

Question: Is there no substance to me as an individual? Is there nothing in me that is not God?

Answer: No, even in “not being God” there is only God alone. Everything is He.

Question: Is there no justification at all for professional or any other mundane work?

Answer: Occupation with worldly things acts like slow poison. Gradually, without one’s noticing it, it leads to death. Should I advise my friends and my fathers and mothers to take this road? I cannot do so. This body says; “Choose the Path of Immortality, Take any path that is according to your temperament, and it will lead you to the Realisation of your Self.”

Source: Richard Lannoy, Anandamayi, Her Life and Wisdom p. 91

Anandamayi gives us her view on a few questions. Her basic statement “God is everything” is the way all is seen from the perspective of the Self: “…even in ‘not being God’ there is God alone.” Thus she doesn’t allow for any deviation whatsoever from advaita (Sanskrit: “not two”).

The last statement tells us much about her attitude toward ‘worldly things’: “Occupation with worldly things acts like slow poison.” She herself was, in our eyes, very active ‘in the world’. For decades she traveled the length and breadth of India and many ashrams sprang up in her name. Always, however, she was ‘lost in the Great Void, that she said was responsible for her actions. Thus it is not that one is no longer functional or active in the world after awakening to the Ultimate Reality, but rather that one no longer has a vested interest in ‘worldly things’ – they just happen as part of “the functioning of the One Power”.

It is the allegiance to worldly things that cuts off the vital flow of energy from Intelligent Infinity, the Immortal One Power, and thus acts like a slow poison that leads to death. Our existence continually challenges us to remain in touch with the One Power and to deepen this connection in every way we can. It is my experience that my foremost duty in this respect is to be vigilant to not be sucked in to the seductions of the Matrix that does its best to keep a grip on my mind.





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