the heart has no debt to pay

flames j s 7

“Why climb when the heart has no debt to pay?”

Han Shan


When the heart has no debt to pay I am at peace with myself. Nothing is calling me out of myself. This peace is the basis for all realization. When the heart has no debt to pay there is space. Space is very subtle. To be aware of space is a state of fine sensitivity. Even finer than space is the sense of ‘I am’. Tuning in to that first sense of beingness cleanses my perception. The state of being where the heart has no debt to pay is the portal to resting in my own form. Yes, to recognize my own original form is to be on the borderline between form/no form and beyond both form and no form. Continue reading



conflagration:  fire; especially :  a large disastrous fire

The fear… was of being overwhelmed, of disintegrating under a pressure of reality greater than a mind, accustomed to living most of the time in a cozy world of symbols, could possibly bear.” 

My Comment:

We awake in the morning and almost immediately begin thinking of things to do in this day. After our particular personal morning routine we begin with various activities that keep us busy until we are tired and then retire for the night. This passage from Aldous Huxley’s “Doors of Perception” describes an”event” as he calls it, which is the perception of the stark Reality of primal energy that makes up manifestation. In this case, the manifestation – as conventionally termed – is a garden chair seen in a certain light. In his state of heightened awareness under the influence of the chemical mescaline, he perceives the ‘energy state’ that our mind/concepts then translate to a finite form which we label with the word “garden chair”. His report then continues to explore the feeling of overwhelm that he experienced: The event was this succession of azure furnace doors separated by gulfs of unfathomable gentian. It was inexpressibly wonderful, wonderful to the point, almost, of being terrifying.In the course of this exploration he comes to a description of the kind of intensity that a direct perception of Reality entails, which is why only in the state of “cleansed perception” is one able to bear it. Continue reading

anchor yourself

girl in cosmos

“…circumstances don’t create your reality,

your state of being does.”

“Get this already and stop complaining :-):

You are not a victim of the universe, the universe is a direct victim of you (in a good way).

“In other words, circumstances don’t create your reality, your state of being does.

“The more transparent your state of being, the higher your ‘frequency’, the more reality will mirror that and show up as malleable, empty, vibrant, playful, changeable, fun and as a loyal servant to whatever it is your heart truly resonates with beyond petty desires and wants based in fear.

“The more you are confidently rested as your natural state of being – your enjoyable fearless frequency which is not of the world, but of your self/presence only – the more reality will mirror this to you. Continue reading

this is a non-physical reality

thank you

image: large-scale structure (the speckled dots are galaxies) by Illustris simulation.

The region shown is about 300 million light-years across.


You have to expand your mind and really be in the state of abundance, know that this is not a physical limited universe…


“So in order to really “save” the planet, it’s not gonna help to be within the same paradigm of lack, within the same personality, and then try to move one boulder from over here to over there, because then it’s lacking over there! That’s the old paradigm. You have to expand your mind and really be in the state of abundance, know that this is not a physical limited universe, it’s not, it’s a dream. And as you change your vibratory state, you’ll change the manifestation thereof, and suddenly somehow there will be enough for everyone. Continue reading

I don’t know, do you?


Contemplation by Lizzie Bitty

Funny sometimes… I just say, “I don’t know what the HECK is going on anymore… Do you?!”

She says, “No, me neither!”

…and we feel better.

This post is just to let you know that


…so you can feel better.

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roam as a free person

Linji - roam as a free person pin

If you wish to roam in birth and death as a free person, you should recognize who it is who is listening to the Dharma here.

Although that person has no form, no distinguishing sign, no basis, no origin, no place of abode, he is living, infinitely active, able to display tens of thousands of wonderful functions, and all those functions have the nature of non-abiding.





the good spiritual friend

The True Person and the good spiritual friend is that within me that hears everything and perceives all that I do without engaging. It is unstruck, >>anahata<<, the unstruck one. That is why from that place I will never strike, >>ahimsa<<. While birth, dwelling, changing and destruction happen, I remain as the True Person. The good spiritual friend is always at my side. He is my own true being, my Self.

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un-struck – anahata


Anahata by Aspen Moon Art

More on the topic of violence:

A beautiful reciprocity became clear to me today: the heart chakra in Sanskrit is called “anahata”, which is often translated as unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten. For me the term “unstruck” has always resonated, since it correlates with ‘the sound of one hand clapping’ – or Silence and Spaciousness, meaning the sound was created without using a strike or a pluck or any other kind of disturbance that normally creates sound waves in air. Anahata Nad refers to the Vedic concept of unstruck sound, or the sound of the celestial realm. Anahata is usually associated with a calm serene sound, without disturbance or dissonance.

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ahimsa – a life free of violence


ahimsa cali NS

Thich Nhat Hanh Calligraphy

Ahimsa denotes an attitude and a mode of behavior towards all living creatures based on the recognition of the underlying unity of life.”


This says it all: Can I viscerally feel that the person, plant or animal (and even a supposedly inanimate object) in front of me is really part of the One Being which I am? Continue reading