Keep Up The Momentum – Event Meditation Tomorrow Sunday


Relationship of Planet X Within our Solar System

Below is Alia’s weekly update to inspire us for tomorrow’s meditation. Please share this Far and Wide!

Reminder and Update: Weekly EVENT Meditation

Alia’s Comments: Each week our numbers are growing for these Sunday meditations. We are seeing steady progress in physical reality as a result of our participation. As Cobra suggests, our intention and support goes directly into action through the services of the Light Forces, who, if I recall correctly, are primarily based on “Planet X.”

“Planet X” (AKA the Ninth Planet) has received major air time lately — much speculation and disinformation have been circulating in mainstream and alternative news alike. So this week’s update by Cobra on 2012portal was of great interest to me and thus I pass it along in this reminder post.

Bottom line: SHARE!

Many of you are already doing that. I see the “share” trails on Facebook and now encourage you to pass on these weekly reminders to all your circles and contact lists.

Education and awareness are critical now. People are looking for ways to help, things to do. “What can I do?” is often the first response of those who learn about the reality of our situation. Joining our focus of intention to speed up the occurrence of the EVENT is a simple way to help, something that we can DO. It’s a matter of committing to the time slot on Sunday. If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for you but if you can, please make the commitment. I see evidence of a growing commitment on our part.

We always meditate at 7 PM GMT: 2 PM EST; 1 PM CST and 11 AM PST in the USA. Here is a simple time converter for other areas.

You can use the beautiful video below as a focusing tool.

You may also use the following video that is referred to in the video above. The relevant, additional material begins at minute 5:55.

Together we can do this!

Victory of the Light!





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