The Balance of Power on the Planet has Shifted: Meditation Tomorrow!

This is Alia’s weekly update in preparation for Sunday’s Event Meditation. Join us!

Reminder ~ Weekly EVENT Meditation: Add YOUR Intention

It’s almost Sunday again — time to take stock of the week and prepare once again to join in unity with all sentient beings who are gathering each Sunday at 7 PM GMT to focus on accelerating the liberation of our Solar System and the triggering of the EVENT.

“The Light Forces have said that the number of people doing that meditation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the timing of the Event.”

It’s been a productive week for the White Hats and Lightworkers and Lightwarriors. I will give some links and headlines from around the world that indicate that the balance of power is rapidly shifting from the criminal syndicates (who have controlled the surface population and all societal intstitutions for millennia) into the hands of those who pledge to serve the needs of Humanity at large. Below are a few examples of historic change.

Ben’s weekly report covers so many fronts that if you only read this one article, you’ll get a thorough summary of the ground that is being taken on the part of the world’s “Good Guys and Gals.”

Benjamin Fulford 1-19-16… “The revolution continues with shipping freeze, stock plunge, US dollar dumping, $20 oil, attacks on gold mines and more”

The world is watching what happens on Mauna a Wakea on the Big Island of Hawaii, because what is happening there is the essence of We the People standing for our freedom and the freedom of our planet.

“The Significance of Mauna a Wākea for the planet”, by Te Kanapūoterangi”

The mega corporations, pushing their poisons and GMO-based “agriculture” at the expense of our Humanity, are beginning to feel the wrath of the People — in the bottom line — where it hurts. We are slowly but surely closing them out.

A Couple of Monsanto [and Dow] Defeats… Natural News 1-20-16… “Monsanto has terminated 16% of its workforce” & “EPA revokes approval of… glyphosate herbicide… Enlist Duo”

Good news regarding the situation in the Ukraine. It now appears that the US backed regime in Kiev has been told in no uncertain terms that they are about to see most of “their” country returned to Poland and Russia, with just an itty-bitty section for their Khazarian mafioso to inhabit in the middle somewhere. Good luck guys!

Veterans Today 1-17-16… “Surkov-Nuland Meeting and End of the Junta”

And perhaps the biggest news of all — the opening of the China-led Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, part of a more transparent alternative to the Federal Reserve and European Central Banking system that has deceived, defrauded and outright stolen wealth from every decent person and country on the planet.

1-16-16… BricsPost, “Xi: “This is a historical moment”” & RT, “China-led AIIB development bank officially launched”


Meditations begin at 7 PM GMT every Sunday: that’s 2PM EST; 1 PM CST; and 11 AM PST in the USA. Here is a time converter for use in other locations.

You can use the beautiful video below as a focusing tool.

You may also use the following video that is referred to in the video above. The relevant, additional material begins at minute 5:55.

Together we can do this!

Victory of the Light!

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