cosmic dance of love

The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore. — Rumi:




The mind stays focused on the one point at which the sense of “I” is felt. This is not exactly correct because the sense of “I” or the “place” where sensations and thoughts are registered is not actually located in time and space. What seems to be happening is that the one seeing eye of infinity, the Self, becomes focused on an encounter with Itself, and that is felt as “I”.

When I focus on the point of encounter with anything such as physical phenomena or thoughts or feelings of any kind, and feel: “Here is the point of perception,” I then inquire: “Who or What is perceiving this?” This inquiry sounds like a question that wants an answer, but that is not so. The inner poise of questioning is the poise of the quest. The quest is not seeking a result or goal as we think of the Grail, but rather the quest expresses the pull of the signal that one feels from the deep dimension.

This signal, sent out from the inception point, and indeed originating from beyond space-time, from the deep dimension, is the signal from the Self, from the Real, from the original “I”. That is why, when we catch hold of our everyday sense of “I” as the ‘tail-end’ of this signal from the Self, we can feel it drawing us in to It like a tractor beam.

This “I” sense is like the neon sign outside the shop advertising what’s inside: “Good food!” Then we must enter in order to partake. Therefore our lives may often seem unsatisfactory, like walking the streets of the market place and never stopping to enter and partake. We only sample tidbits that are offered outside and then on to the next shop.

On the quest we are always listening for the call of the Beloved and watching for the entry. We continually inquire: “Who are you? Who is this “I”? What is This? Please show yourself to me!” This deep asking is the inner poise, the energetic key, that opens the space in our lives to allow It to enter our field of perception.

When we allow ourselves to be drawn inward, to the Heart, following the “I” Signal, we – as the small “I” – meet up with “I” as the Self or Big Mind. Then “I – I” happens and samsara is nirvana. It becomes clear then, that all that happens in our lives can be seen as a trial, a challenge on our quest, our Hero’s Journey. Can we see through the illusion of the ephemeral and evanescent temporary appearances and stay on the track of the Eternal, the Immortal? All can also be seen from the perspective of the ‘bhakti’, the “love-drunk” as Rumi would say. All is then seen to be an invitation of the Beloved to dance the intimate Cosmic Dance of Love.





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