contact Reality

Another monastery

Meteora Monastery Greece

~ concentrate upon that imagination which will sweep away all other imaginations ~


As one becomes capable of real meditation – and to the extent that one contacts Reality – one discovers the ineffable joy that lies hidden even in all outer objects.

My Comments:

When contact with Reality takes place, all things in daily life come alive. It becomes evident that all is actually always alive consciousness and only our mindset keeps us in the perception of things being ‘inanimate’.

A state of being exists where it is immaterial whether He assumes a form or not – what is, is He. In this case what is there to express in words? Furthermore, at a certain level the Self may reveal Itself to Itself. At the same time He does not reveal Himself at all: to whom is He to reveal Himself?

Here Anandamayi speaks of the Ultimate as “He” – further below as “the Thing Itself” – and it is clear that all of these words are just tentative. In this short passage about the Self revealing Itself to Itself she brings us to ‘advaita’ (literally = ‘not-two-ness’).

When there is neither form nor quality, what is to be put into language? Where nothing is excluded, how can Oneness be obstructed? In this state of complete poise nothing at all is any longer apart from Him, what is, is the Thing Itself. So what can be said or left unsaid, since it is entirely beyond words?

This insight into Reality it the state of “complete poise” in which one remains in the awareness of Ultimate without wavering. We are beyond words now – we have jettisoned all that in not of “the Thing Itself” and a new, yet age-old awareness of our True Being is our bedrock.

To prepare yourself for the revelation of That which eternally is, there are injunctions, numerous paths. But do you not see, every path must come to an end; in other words, you should concentrate upon that imagination which will sweep away all other imaginations, which means when you have gone beyond all imagination there is the revelation of That which you really are.

We are very interested in creating our own reality by engineering our imagination so that it is aligned with our deepest desires. For Anandamayi we connect with the energy stream of our True Being when our imagination centers around the Ultimate, which is the Noumenon (Kant: the thing-in-itself), not the phenomenon (Greek: to be manifest). When our deepest desire is for our True Being, the choice is clear.

source: Richard Lannoy, Anandamayi, Her Life and Wisdom, p. 83





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