Global Meditation Tomorrow – Sunday: Building Critical Mass for the EVENT


Alia compiles essential background information on the weekly COBRA meditations in this post:

(Alia’s original post here.)

Alia’s Comments: Why are the Weekly Event Meditations important? Why do we need to have a critical mass (144,000 people) meditating in unison, focused on a particular subject (The EVENT)? Why can’t I do this meditation any old time, at my convenience? Why is it important that I focus on this particular matter and not just simply meditate on peace for all beings, for example?

These are questions I have asked myself and you may be asking them also. I have recently renewed my commitment to these Sunday meditations, because I have come to understand that a critical mass (144,000 humans) of the surface population MUST request assistance in A UNIFIED VOICE, in order for the Resistance Movement (made up of Inner Earth and Off-World forces) to have our consent to take any action on the surface of our planet on behalf of Humanity. COBRA has reported previously that the Resistance Movement is  actually “under contract” NOT to operate on the surface UNTIL the time of the EVENT.

I know there are 144,000 Lightworkers and Lightwarriors out there — many times that number in fact — so achieving this should be a no-brainer. HOWEVER — we are a rebellious bunch — independent as they come — and so far, we have not pulled together to get this job done.

It’s time to UNITE and MAKE THIS A SOLID DATE ON OUR CALENDARS and SHOW UP every Sunday at 7 PM GMT until we trigger the EVENT!!! That is 2 PM EST, 1 PM CST and 11 AM PST in the USA.

There is so much good waiting for us on the other side of the EVENT. Best of all, the “bad guys” will be removed from the equation, making it safe to release to our Humanity the currently suppressed (but highly advanced) technologies for energy, food, shelter, healing and transportation The scalar weaponry that causes us all to be so complacent and resistant and fuzzy and confused will be neutralized, allowing us to think straight for the first time in lifetimes.

In a recent interview of COBRA, conducted by Rob Potter, some insights were provided as to what is in store for us at the time of the EVENT. Here are some excerpts from that interview. The full transcript is available here.

Rob – . . . The question was as a human on this planet, will we ever be able to take back our missing DNA strands or they say use 100% of the brain, I mean, unite to our divine self?  . . . Will this happen in our lifetime;  is this eminent or is this more like a gradual change that will happen individually for certain people and for some people it won’t?
COBRA – The Event is the moment when this change will be initialized. And, of course, it will take some time depending on the individual case. Each individual being will go through their own process, but the process will start at the Event. It will be a massive improvement at that time – a quantum leap you might say. And there will be fuller subsequent quantum leaps later, but I would say the Event is the moment when you have this critical mass of consciousness present on the planet when you [begin] as a race, as a collective to use your higher abilities to activate the dormant part of our brain and dormant part of our DNA. And then this will no longer be an issue. It will be simply a very fast accelerated evolution. The problem is the time before the Event when everybody is still suppressed artificially. The Cabal and the Chimera are still suppressing the collective evolution of humanity. This is the reason why people are feeling so unhappy with the present situation.

In answer to my question about the difference between just simply meditating anytime on any theme,  COBRA had this to say.

Rob – OK.  There was a report that in Thailand there were a million students meditating . . .  around the world.  Can you talk a little bit about why that did not trigger the Event for the 144,000?

COBRA – Because they were not meditating for the Event.  They were just meditating to bring the positive resonance of the planet and that was successful.

Rob – OK.  And so then and this kind of goes along with some of the Pleiadian information that I understand that what you think about and feel about with emotional intensity over time can become your reality.  You’re of course interacting with other realities, but the Event meditation is very specific and it’s important that people when they’re doing that Event hold that specific idea of the removal of the Cabal. Would you agree with that?

COBRA –I would agree that people need to hold the specific idea of manifesting the Event and visualizing it and feeling it, and, of course, the removal of the Cabal is one aspect of this.

This answer corroborates the information we have heard from Corey Goode about how the Cabal uses our mass consciousness against us to manifest a negative event. A seed gets planted (say, for example, the idea of a terrorist shooting or bombing) through repeated media reporting, then our own focus on the possibility — coupled with the emotional charge of fear and anxiety —  of something like that happening brings it into actuality.

In this case, WE are choosing the seed (The EVENT) that we focus on and charge with our positive emotions that we feel during the meditations. The video below is a great tool for focusing our intent and our emotional energy. WE can literally create the EVENT  by unifying our mass consciousness across the planet during this weekly synchronized meditation.

In Rob’s introductory remarks prior to the question and answer period with COBRA, he stated his own personal view of why the EVENT hasn’t happened yet. Rob’s full remarks can be read here.

Rob’s Reason for the Event Delay

I feel another main reason the Event has not happened is the delay is allowing more people to turn towards Christ’s message of unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion. Furthermore the heavenly forces do not just want to win and liberate earth. It is necessary to arrest those beings who are ill and implanted, who have chosen evil actions of murder and destruction as their daily bread.

Healing this evil once and for all is also very important for all of us so this situation is not repeated on other worlds. These beings must be given a last chance to turn towards the light through a real epiphany and to amend their ways. The healing must begin and it cannot happen if these negative forces are allowed to flee and continue their reign of terror. This is a major intention to heal the situation once and for all.

I agree with Rob that part of the reason for the delay is that ALL the players in this 3D play are Children of God — even the baddest of the bad and the darkest of the dark. Source/Absolute desires that ALL creation return to the LIGHT and so more time is being allowed for as many as will to return to the fold. And I also believe that compassion and unconditional love are increasing in the Human Collective. We are understanding more and more that WE ARE ONE. The Cabal ARE us — definitely our brothers and sisters. They are wearing very convincing disguises and playing their “villain” roles to the hilt — worthy of the most prestigious theater awards. More and more of us are realizing this and backing off from our previously judgmental positions of “string em up by their toes on the nearest lamp post” and offering a more compassionate alternative of rehabilitation through LOVE. And just so you know, some of the advanced tech that is available to our space brothers and sisters is healing technology that uses sound and light frequencies of the LOVE vibration to restore and rehabilitate those who have been so traumatized or are so broken psychotically as to seem UN-redeemable by our 3D mindsets.

However, I also believe that the EVENT has been delayed, because those aforementioned “villains” have “boobytrapped” our lives and our world so cleverly and thoroughly that each of us is held hostage by the scalar weaponry that pervades our modern lives. The Light Forces/ Resistance Movement is not about to risk the lives of the very ones they intend to liberate by rushing the process. They will take as much time as is needed to make sure that the “bombs” are defused before they take their final actions.

Here is the most beautiful 10 minute video to guide you through the specifics of the meditation.

The Light Forces have said that the “number of people doing that meditation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the timing of the Event.”

Using only the above video is sufficient AND you may also add the meditation that is referred to within this video. I have posted that second video below. The relevant, additional material begins at minute 5:55.

Victory of the Light!




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