create space for yourself

Eckhart Tolle - Inner Transformation

Let 2016 be a NEW YEAR

We are accustomed to thinking that we do things. This comes from thinking that since we can perceive thoughts, there must be a thinker thinking them. This is one of the fundamental misconceptions many are caught in. Imagine swamp gas bubbles arising from the surface of the swamp. They arise due to the interaction of many factors that combined constitute the swamp biosphere. Our psyche is similarly the result of the complex interplay of a myriad of factors resulting in the species of sentient beings we call humans. I don’t say our thoughts are like so many swamp gas bubbles (although many thoughts can have a foul odor to them) but we may consider our thoughts to be the expression of a greater happening, and indeed of an intelligence greater than our limited minds can conceive of.

The current perspective of mass consciousness is characterized by the conviction that each person of the human race is actually an individual with a separate will. It then follows that each of us, as a human person, carries out individual deeds and actions according to our individual will. Upon looking more closely we can discover that the only ‘will’ we have that is not identical with the ‘ueber-will’ of the Totality is the will to refuse to align ourselves with the movement of the Totality. We have the power to throw a wrench, so to speak, into the works of the finely-tuned cosmic machinery and create anti-rationality, as Anastasia (The Ringing Cedars of Russia) terms it.

Alternately, when we recognize our oneness with the totality and our will and God’s will align, we then begin to allow our unique individual character and qualities to play out in harmony with the whole. As ‘true persons’ we are then a conscious embodiment of the Ultimate and begin to display all of qualities of the Ultimate Dimension. This state is often called “Heaven on Earth”, but actually it is simply the state of Grace that Eckhart Tolle speaks of in the above statement.

As we can see in our present times, this anomaly of anti-rationality and of living misaligned with the will of the Whole is a temporary condition. Even if this confused state of consciousness has been maintained for several millennia, it seems, the beginning of a new era of all beings living in alignment with the Natural World is approaching. We are on the cusp of the deep transformation of human consciousness back to our natural state. Let us each create space for ourselves so that this stream of grace and love can enter.

We create a space for ourselves in which grace and love can enter and thus transform us simply by recognizing what in our life is not of that magical quality of the Ultimate Dimension. We will find that always when we fall out of mindfulness and the awake awareness of the present moment, that is when life takes on a dullness and becomes dead. If we are able to stop at the first sign of this anomaly and wake ourselves up to the Eternal Presence of ourselves, we will find ourselves back in the Ultimate Dimension, or the Pure Land of Eternal Stillness and Light where the flowers perfume the air with wisdom and the birds sing the holy Dharma.







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