something which has never been before – Krishnamurti

drop on grass blade


It is delightful for me to enter into Krishnamurti’s world through this passage of his journal “To Himself”. I hope you may find the time before the beginning of the New Year to contemplate the “New”. Enjoy!


“IT IS A new day and the sun won’t be up for an hour or so. It is quite dark and the trees are silent, waiting for the dawn and the sun to rise behind the hills. There ought to be a prayer for dawn. It comes so slowly, penetrating the whole world. And here in this quiet secluded house, surrounded by orange trees and a few flowers, it is extraordinarily quiet. There are no birds as yet singing their morning song. The world is asleep, at least in this part of the world, far from all civilization, from the noise, the brutality, the vulgarity and the talk of politicians.

“Slowly, with great patience, the dawn begins in the deep silence of the night. Continue reading