bathing in the sea – surrender to the waves

Some men have gone to bathe in the sea. They have made up their minds to swim ahead of everyone else and, consequently, they will have to look back. He whose one and only goal is the ocean has nothing else to look at and nothing else to consider, and then, what is to be, will be.

Give yourself up to the wave and you will be absorbed by the current – having dived into the sea you will not return. The Eternal Himself is the wave that floods the shore so that you may be immersed.

Those, who can surrender themselves to this end, will be accepted by Him.

But, if your attention remains on the shore, you cannot proceed – after bathing you will return home. Aiming at the Supreme, at the ultimate, will lead you on through the movement of your true nature.

There are waves that carry away and waves that bring back.

Those who can give themselves up, will be taken by Him.

In the guise of the wave, He holds out His hand and calls you: come, Come, COME!


My Comment: The key phrase for me here is “But, if your attention remains on the shore, you cannot proceed – after bathing you will return home.” I understand this as saying that if we have our core intention and deeper feeling tone on the phenomenal world and believe that fulfilment, satisfaction or whatever other term you use, will be found there, then our attention “remains on the shore” and we will not be open to the Eternal Presence even if It comes and sits at our table for a cup of coffee and a chat, which probably happens more often than we realize.




Source: Richard Lannoy, Anandamayi, Her Life and Wisdom, PDF p. 80, 81


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