My Focus and A Community At Peace


I am focusing my attention on the realization of my true nature. In my view this realization is not a one-time flash of perception but rather it is in the word itself: “real-ize” which is to “make real”. I use the term “real” here to mean all that I perceive in any way in my direct energy field – so visions, imaginations, thoughts and all phenomena are included in this term.

In this sense I “real-ize” my true nature when my inner knowing of the fact that we are one timeless, spaceless being, and that we encompass all of existence in this being-ness, is reflected in my daily behavior and my relationships. My inner knowing also bases on the awareness that there is no “second” or no “other” anywhere, in other words, we alone are. Any concept we may hold of a Supreme Being therefore includes you and me and all beings, sentient and non-sentient.

I am aware of the two divergent energy streams of consciousness: one stream is consciousness aware of itself being limited and separate from the greater whole. This stream lives in the awareness of “need” since it is not aware of itself being all that is and that therefore the question of “need” and “want” cannot arise. The beings that live dominated by this stream continually re-stimulate and reinforce the sense of need and want by imagining all that they lack in the present moment, and therefore by its nature it cannot end in fulfillment. This dynamic is also the reason why anyone caught in this stream perpetually looks to some ‘future’ moment, in which that which felt as ‘missing’ or ‘lacking’ in this present moment will be attained – it is hoped.

It is also the stream of consciousness that feels it begins (is born) and ends (dies). This is so because it identifies itself with the individual forms in the phenomenal world, which are all, indeed of a transient nature: they arise, or appear, are sustained for a certain while, and then subside or disappear. Therefore the deeper feeling tone in this stream – next to a sense of lack – is always fear of some imminent danger that could threaten one’s existence.

The second current, or stream of consciousness is the stream of one’s true being. In this stream one is continually inspired to the activities that bring one closer to our divine nature and to the ever-deepening awareness of our primordial state as the timeless and spaceless one Being. Those who enter this stream seeking fulfillment will be guided step by step to recognize what activities serve this supreme purpose. When engaging in the activities of our true being, we live the realization of our divine nature and establish our divine nature more and more in our daily life together. This stream is like a tractor beam that grabs hold of us and eventually pulls us into the infinite and eternal sea of our home, our true being.

I recognize that many of us have been intimate with this second stream of consciousness for quite some time and feel this supreme purpose as their one and only priority to which all other interests are subordinate. This stance leads to activities that support this purpose, of which there are many. One basic activity for me is follow the imperative of leading an orderly and peaceful life as this has proven to be the most conducive and efficient way to stabilize and deepen this realization.

A second condition has shown itself to be significant in this respect and that is life in relationship and community. The life of a hermit or recluse has in the past been fruitful for this supreme purpose but at present that is no longer the case for me. This realization craves the relationship with other beings in order to deepen and stabilize. In the interactions especially of human relationship (but also with other beings) those elements of personality that keep one on a superficial level of realization are brought to the surface in order to be transcended. It is a corollary of total functioning that the polarity of service to other (STO) is also strengthened when in community or engaged in interactions with others in service.

The stream of consciousness of our true being is one of continual introspection, which means simply ‘to look within’. This is so because this stream acts as a counterbalance to the extreme extroversion of our current society in which the addiction to ‘form consciousness’ runs rampant. Introspection is possible under any circumstance: with words, without words, in silence, in company, in solitude, in action or in stillness. Generally it is easier to see clearly inwardly and examine or observe of one’s own mental and emotional processes when jarring sensory input is at a minimum. What constitutes ‘jarring sensory input’ differs, of course from person to person.

There is also introspection that transcends the sense of inner and outer. In this state the sense of oneself and the ‘other’, of unity and duality can cease and supreme solitude is the given state, independent of life’s circumstances at the moment. However, it is clear to me that a sanctuary must be designed in such a way as to radically reduce distractions of all kinds so that the possibility of long phases of ‘empty mind’ are facilitated when so desired by the individual. It is also my experience that any group will experience deeper awareness as a group and a general ‘opening up’ of the present moment when distractions are avoided. The beauty of the contemplative life then begins to unveil itself to one and all as our true being is given space to show itself.

Thus my reflection on “A Community At Peace” so far.

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