My Focus and A Community At Peace


I am focusing my attention on the realization of my true nature. In my view this realization is not a one-time flash of perception but rather it is in the word itself: “real-ize” which is to “make real”. I use the term “real” here to mean all that I perceive in any way in my direct energy field – so visions, imaginations, thoughts and all phenomena are included in this term.

In this sense I “real-ize” my true nature when my inner knowing of the fact that we are one timeless, spaceless being, and that we encompass all of existence in this being-ness, is reflected in my daily behavior and my relationships. My inner knowing also bases on the awareness that there is no “second” or no “other” anywhere, in other words, we alone are. Any concept we may hold of a Supreme Being therefore includes you and me and all beings, sentient and non-sentient. Continue reading

Event Meditation Tomorrow Sunday December 27th


Beautiful Solar Arcs Seen in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I am re-posting this post by my wife, Alia, again this week as a reminder. Here is the link to the original post. Please share far and wide! Thank you!

Dear Readers,

To date, I have been reluctant to share this aspect of my life’s work here on this site. But for several weeks now, the voice in my head has been prompting me to write a piece about a subject that is dear to my heart and actually represents a good deal of what I have lived this and many other lifetimes for on my beloved planet, Gaia. I am here in support of the long-prophesied Shift of the Ages, Shift of Consciousness, Human Evolution and sometimes spoken of as “The Event.” Continue reading

just glass ~ Zen


[photo of Thomas Merton]::

“Zen is consciousness unstructured by particular form or particular system, a trans-cultural, trans-religious, trans-formed consciousness.

It is therefore in a sense ‘void’.

But it can shine through this or that system,  religious or irreligious,  just as light can shine through glass that is blue, or green, or red, or yellow.

If  Zen has any preference it is for glass that is plain, has no color, and is ‘just glass.’ “

Thomas Merton (1915 – 1968)

Source: Zen and the Birds of Appetite, Pages: 4