natural man

Matisse, Le bonheur de vivre (The Joy of Life)

A stream of consciousness to counterbalance frenzy and turbulence

Where are the fields, my dog, where you used to chase rabbits and gophers? Where the sunlit meadows I romped in – free of care and naked to the soft breeze on my skin? I was one with the grasses and the flowers. The trees were my companions and the boulders were strewn about like marbles thrown down by a giant at play.

Bathing in the meandering creek with the minnows tickling my toes I floated belly-up, letting the slow current take me on its journey. I melded with the realm of Earth’s nature – no tension marred my perfect rhythm; hardly could I tell where I began and ended. Moving like the swells in the ocean, my being was moved from Within. I was cradled in God’s magnificence, and indeed That I was.





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