perfect poise of my own true being



I am free!

It is such freedom to feel myself unencumbered by all that occurs.

It is not that I have no issues to deal with or problems to solve.

I do. And yet they no longer burden me.

When a branch blows down in the storm of course it leads me to step over it

or remove it.

Irritation that I used to feel doesn’t have ground to root in anymore

or not much anyway.

Below she speaks of a current in human life

that will eventually lead me to the perfect poise of my true being.

It is a current and so it flows it is not static.

Perfect poise is as the perfect stance of the surfer on her board

Or the ballet dancer in his pirouette – it is movement

In alignment with what is ~

in movement with great ease – seemingly effortlessly

free of the limited perspective of consciousness in need mode.

Step into this stream today for free ~

all it costs is your life.

Free from need!

Happy days indeed!





two diverging energy streams


“Flowers and fruits come into existence only because they are potentially contained in the tree. Therefore, you should aim at realizing the One Supreme Element which will throw light on all elements.

This world is itself but an embodiment of want; hence the heartache due to the absence of fulfillment must needs endure.

This is why it is said that there are two kinds of current in human life:

one pertaining to the world in which want follows upon want,

the other of one’s true being.

It is the very nature of the former that it can never end in fulfillment; on the contrary, the sense of want is perpetually re-stimulated.

On the other hand, the latter aims to bring to completion the activities of man’s true being, to establish man in his divine nature. Thus, if he endeavors to fulfill himself by entering the current of his true being, this current will eventually lead him to the perfect poise of his own true being.

Source: Richard Lannoy: Anandamayi, Her Life and Wisdom, Chapter 6, PDF p. 74





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