this delusional state

Once in our yoga seminar one of the students asked Rajo, my first teacher, about something that had happened to her the evening before in her room. She said that she was just looking at the wall when suddenly it started to move and she asked what was the reason for that, and if it was something to be alarmed about. He replied that she had in that moment had a glimpse of reality because actually nothing is as fixed as it appears in our perception. After the couple of days in the yoga seminar breathing deeply and doing the exercises that bring us into a more tranquil state, she was able to relax the programming of the psycho-somatic system and was able to see through the projected version of reality to the actuality. In actuality we find ourselves in a sea of energy that is in eternal flux and it is our particular nervous system that is able to superimpose on this flux of energy the perception of forms that seem to be constant. This is a wonder and allows us the experiences of the ‘phenomenal world’ we live in. Continue reading