high diving


I worship the formless Reality by unthought thought.

What does that mean?

The formless Reality is the Field from which all phenomena arise, in which they are sustained for a while and into which they then subside. Looking at the substantial phenomena I realize the background energy that supports all phenomena. This formless Reality is pure intensity and pure potential.

The bird’s song takes her entire strength and vitality and expresses it in the song, the melody. You hear the intensity of creation itself in that song. The wind flaps the clothes on the line and the intensity of the forces of nature shows itself in the dance of the shirtsleeves hanging in the sun. The solid massive gray of the cliffs is the intensity and power of the rock. Feeling the movement of thought like an internal landslide rolling down the mountainside of my mind, I am full of the intensity of consciousness seeking and grasping at something that it seems to lack.

To feel the power of thought and to realize “it is I” is most exhilarating. I stand like the Olympic athlete on the high tower above the pool, poised to dive. I stand in the awareness of my strength. I can remain immobile indefinitely – no one compels me to surrender to the impulse to take the next steps and to jump, spring and perform my dive.

Just so, I am my thought. I am free to think the next thought – or not. This energy of thought is held in abeyance, which is full of intensity. The race car’s powerful engine is revved up and awaits the clutch to engage and thus transform potential into movement and speed.

Remaining with the mind- and thought-energy in abeyance, not to disturb the stillness of the formless Reality, but to offer up the unthought thought to the Great one, is true worship. We habitually think without giving any thought to our thoughts – we just give them free-rein. We are not the masters of our destiny; our destiny is a runaway sled on the downhill slope.

When we worship the formless Reality, the Great One, we calibrate our perception correctly and everything falls into place. In any other state of consciousness, we actually are putting the cart before the horse and thus our world appears topsy-turvy. In this context the term ‘worship’ means using our power of attention in the correct manner: we place our attention (the pulse of our unthought thought) on the formless Reality. When we do this we find ourselves in a direct love connection to Source and an energy loop is closed to Source and it is the energy of love. Thus we have calibrated our perception to the frequency of love from and to our own Source, the Self of all, the timeless, spaceless Being that we actually are. When we place our attention on the objects, the forms in our world and thereby lose the connection to Source, we interrupt this energy loop of love and energetic starvation sets in. When the energy loop is flowing we spontaneously have the right relationship to the objects in our world and we function in a very efficient was, guided by intuition and practical body-intelligence.

Living in this way I ask myself what thoughts I chose to give my energy to, my attention to and the answer simple: I feed thoughts that increase my sense of connection, of service and of love to the Great One, the formless Reality. Other thoughts now are like sawdust, dry and uninteresting (except for the hamster cage) or like grit in the sensitive mechanism of my perception – they feel like chalk screeching on the blackboard. I more and more continuously chose to hold my perception in the stream of unthought thought with my beam of focus directed to the formless Reality. The Great One is sorting things out, I can feel it. It is on the job 24/7 with great intensity finding where energy is not yet in the love loop and supporting the recalibration back to Itself. My job is to be of service in this process in whatever way I can to whatever it is that comes into my field. The Great One even shows me what my most effective field of activity is at any given moment. More and more I seem to be able to just follow the cues of the great director on the sky and life unfolds smoothly with minimal need to think about anything. What a delightfully peaceful and fulfilled way to live!









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