Inter-Species Relations — The Desert Project

My Comments:

Our Elder Brothers, the Sasquatch, and others who are watching over the present leap in Humanity’s evolution, are asking us to open up to the inter-connectedness of all life. They even say all that is manifest is  an expression of the one Consciousness. My wife, Alia, wrote down a delightful and enlightening vision she received some years ago. Enjoy her portrayal of our potential here on our Home Planet!

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Alia’s Comments:

I have posted this before, as part of my series “Aurora — City of Light,” first shown to me in a vision in the spring of 2012 and “recorded” by me over the next six months or so.

Upon reading the Sasquatch material recently posted here, I remembered that I had addressed this topic of inter-species relations from a “post-disclosure” perspective. While reading the “Messages for Humanity” from the Sasquatch “Elder Brothers,” I began to think that perhaps I was remembering a time in Earth’s history when we lived in harmony with numerous species (both Earthly and Extra-terrestrial in origin) on our dear Mother Planet, Gaia. Continue reading