Message from an “Elder Brother” Parts 2 and 3

My Comments: These messages give a continuous history of the evolution of consciousness with Earth as its vehicle. The perspective of the Sasquatch people goes back to the first preparation and development of the planet as a sentient environment for biological life which is capable of spiritual evolution. It describes the first seeding of genetic material eons ago. If you are a student and researcher of consciousness as I am, you will find this narrative captures your attention from the first read. The two messages here are a thumbnail sketch of the entire narrative. As you progress through the messages (up to currently 44 messages) the information becomes increasingly detailed. There is a link to all the messages is below.

Alia’s Comments: Here is the next “installment” of the message from the Sasquatch people, who regard themselves as our elder brothers. During the past 36 hours, Tomas and I have “inhaled” all 44 messages (46 pages pdf) that were received earlier this year through native messenger, Sunbow Truebrother. I finally feel as though I have some honest information regarding the origins of life on this planet and how evolution is actually occurring. So many “gaps” filled in; so many “dots” connected! My deepest gratitude to Sunbow and his Sasquatch contact for delivering this message to us at this critical time. Please spread this news far and wide. Continue reading