Message from an “Elder Brother” Part 1

I am posting this message from Alia’s blog, New Earth Paradigm. I believe you, as I have, will find this information very revealing. It connects many ‘dots’ that I have been tracking for at least the last decade. The recent disclosure by whistle-blowers and researchers such as Corey Goode, David Wilcock and others corroborates what our ‘Elder Brothers’ from the Sasquatch people are telling us.

The main intent of New Earth Heartbeat has always been to present expressions of those who have cleared their consciousness of the conditioning through the matrix on this planet so as to point out how this can be done by each of us. These messages from the Sasquatch add great urgency to this intention. May each of us intensify and deepen the earnest with which we overcome the controllers grip on our minds and free our Hearts to support all efforts for the New Earth of Peace and Freedom for all beings.
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