spin direction – vortex motion and the shift

Food for Thought

Very interesting article by Alex Michael, re-posted from his Facebook page:

Concerning psychopaths (negatively polarized) and wanderers (positively polarized) in relation to spin direction, vortex motion and laws of influence

The premise of this train of thought is the idea that positive and negative polarized beings on Earth have the purpose of creating life experiences through long term pleasure or long-term suffering. The purpose of these experiences is for the soul to evolve into a polarized being for its further evolution in a higher plane of existence where each rotational direction is in separation to its opposite.

Energetically speaking all patterns and rules of behavior converge at all levels. We have positive, negative and neutral charges in the universe. We also have energies with right handed, left handed twist – which we call polarized because their rotational pattern is predictable. And we have unpolarized energies and humans – which are not predictable in their behavior. They serve self and or others according to what seems to be best for them in the moment. As conditions change, behavior changes.

Vortex against vortex

If you take a pool of water and start rotating it in one direction, such that all the water is more or less in motion already, considerable effort is needed to reverse the direction of that water, while only a small amount of energy would be needed to keep the water flowing in the same direction.

This is generally experienced in life where you will get beaten if you try to do good in a bad neighborhood, and you will get beaten if you do bad in a good neighborhood. The opposing vortex of rotation cannot sustain itself for long without considerable power sources available to it. It requires effort and diligence.

In general – vortexes that spin in the same direction will follow each other. Those that spin in opposing directions will move away from each other…. If they are equivalent in size and power. This is the same as doing ones best to avoid confrontations. Stop wars from self-destruction. You can not stop war by going to war. You stop by refusing to participate.

This, may be an interesting concept to consider for self-preservation when the wanderer considers going up against institutions, like banks, police, military, governments… you are drastically out gunned. Your best strategy is to avoid conflict and maintain the general power out to the people as a counter example.

The source of the vortex

At the surface of the water, we can observe the surface interface of a vortex where the boundary conditions between two mediums of fluidity meet each other – water with air. At the zero point of the vortex there is intense rotation speed and enormous concentration of energy. In the eye of the tornado, it is quiet. This is the “I” or source.

Galactic changes in rotational direction

Back to the pool of water that has been rotating in one direction for a long time… Should the “impeller” at the bottom of the pool change rotational direction… like the core of the Earth started sending out positive polarized energies…The surface of the water would still be more or less as before. However… soon, it would become apparent that the spin direction that once had support, suddenly has unaccustomed resistance. It takes a lot more effort to do shit to other people.

At the same time, it will gradually be noticed that it’s a lot easier to do good with other people… you know… share the joy. Still there will be some of this old rotation but as time goes by, the old dominating rotation will have stopped and will not support what once was before dominating.

This is what is happening on Earth today. The transition has begun, but the old energy has not yet given up the ghost.





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