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Sitting on the roof terrace of our house here in Chefchaouen after doing my morning stretching I contemplate “I am at the center of time”. There is the sense that time and all movements of phenomena with their particular sequences of appearance and activity originate within me. This confirmed the state I was in at around 5 am this morning when I “saw/felt” that the entire world is within me. Of course not the individualized “me”, but rather “I” as Universal Being. I took crayons and drew a kind of spiral spinning-wheel that expresses somewhat the sense of “I am at the center of time”.

As I let myself surrender more to this feeling, time and all phenomena stopped, and I was in the stillpoint of it all. Nothing in my field of perception disappeared. The sky with some few chem-trail clouds, the ancient olive tree orchards on the hillsides and further up, the mountain cliffs, were all still visible. To say that time and phenomena had ceased means the Immutable had asserted its presence into my consciousness and the forms of phenomena were like decals adhering to the formidable monolithic “surface” of Reality. Their apparent aliveness and movement was seen as similar to the shimmering of images on the mirror-like surface of a pond when the wind is absolutely still, and so the surface is like glass, but yet a thing vibrantly alive.

Closing my eyes I sit suspended in the vastness of Emptiness that is not a void, but density beyond imagination. Then I stir, becoming re-calibrated to the individualized state but still very connected consciously to the substratum of the great Mind/Universal Being. Yes, it is disorienting to the human nervous system and I feel myself “between the worlds” for the next few hours while doing this and that. Finally I heed the call to go out on a walkabout around the medina of the Blue City and so I end up in this café writing down this report.

What does it all mean? Perhaps nothing in particular, but in general it means strengthening of the felt-knowing that this/we are indeed One Being and all discord and strife lose their ground. Any incoherence is recognized as so much static interference in the grand transmission of our true nature as this Mystery of Unity. As we allow the lower levels of mind activity to subside, the static lessens and the transmission becomes clear. Then Peace reigns as the primal force.

9-X-15 Chefchaouen, Bab El Souq


time spiral drawing

time spiral drawing “I am at the center of time”



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2 thoughts on “inside of time

  1. I couldn’t agree more. As any moments these days stir up a familiar and old paradymic relation I knowingly give it up, let go and allow the greater Universe of I Am to come into my awareness. The presence all-ways resides in absolute reach. My attention is all that is be-ing asked and then the Now, Now, Nowness resolves itself over and over without a fleeing moment of doubt. Freedom resounds continuously. There is simply no problem.

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