Billions in Change — Think HUGE and Keep it SIMPLE

My comments: I am re-posting this from New Earth Paradigm, my wife Alia’s blog. This is an excellent example of what happens when someone (Manoj Bhargava) has a clear mind and acts from that place of simple clarity, which is Love. This man has directed the great resources of his economic success to projects for the good of all on this planet. Please take the time to inform yourself about his work and of those many who are already supporting him. If you feel called, you can join “Billions In Change”  and volunteer to help spread this wonderful information. New Earth is happening and we are It!’s Comments: When I watched this video I was stunned! I had NO idea that one person, Manoj Bhargava — the creator of “The Five-Hour-Energy Drink” — has put his billions of dollars of profits to work for the betterment of Humanity.

And when I went to his website just now to find the correct spelling of his name, I was further stunned to find NO mention of him personally on the Home page, the About page or the Contact page. I had to go to the FAQs to find out WHO is behind this inspiring and mind-blowing innovative organization. NOW THAT’S HUMILITY, in my opinion.

Manoj’s three areas of global impact are: energy solutions, water solutions and health solutions. He focuses mainly on helping the “poor” but understands that when this social strata is given a boost, it benefits everyone.

Manoj insists on keeping things simple. It’s a requirement for any invention that is brought to him for consideration. And if the inventor is not confident enough to guarantee that his idea is a “slam dunk!” — that inventor’s idea does not get considered by Munoj — he’s all about working with the SURE THING.

Another of his criteria is: NO AGGRAVATION! Not in the workplace or anywhere in his company. He has zero tolerance for anyone who causes aggravation: employees, customers or political systems. He invests NO TIME OR ENERGY in people, ideas or situations that drain the creativity of his team or his goals. If a body politic is not enamored with his idea — he just takes it elsewhere, where is it can be received and implemented with gratitude.

Manoj is one of the unsung heroes of our time. Watching this film about his philosophy and his work has inspired me to ask: Where is my place in this? What can I do to make this world a better place for everyone?

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