perfect resignation – a portal

Portal in Stone Wall

Perfect resignation

“Losing hope is losing all indeed. … Perfect resignation gives the deepest joy of all. Accept it as your sole resource.” Verse 21, Matri Vani I Anandamayee Ma

What a strange path I am on. Yes, my first awakening was catalyzed by LSD. That chemical took over my nervous system. About 30 minutes after ingestion I said to myself (with a terrible sinking feeling in my stomach) “I really did it this time. I have lost my mind.” Nothing in my surroundings looked like it did before. All was one undulating and pulsating scintillating sea of energy that was moving like one immense being.

“I” was not – and it surprised me that any memory of “Tom” had at all survived this death of the ego personality. At one point I took out my billfold with my ID, money etc. and my key ring and flung them far into the surrounding bushes, saying to myself “Why do I need these?” Luckily my buddies retrieved them and returned them to me the next day. I recognize now the surrender to the effect of the chemical that I had ‘forced’ upon myself. Once ingested, there is no turning back and whatever the chemical does I had to accept. Continue reading

the incredible Hulk and spirituality

The thought of God, of that which is beyond, is the activity of the mind that awakens the desire to know what I really am.

That desire is akin to a surge of energy felt within that can spark the leap beyond the mind. The desire to know what I really am means the visceral urge to BE THAT, and has nothing to do with the intellect. It is an inner dynamic similar to the transformation of the Marvel Comics character Bruce Banner into the comic book hero Hulk. The angrier Hulk gets, the stronger he gets, and his capacity for physical strength is potentially limitless due to the fact that the Hulk’s strength increases proportionally with his level of great emotional stress. The dynamic of emotional charge bringing our thoughts into manifestation is illustrated by the figure Hulk – it is a valid understanding of the ‘mechanics’ of manifestation. In difference to Hulk, the emotional charge of one with this urge to BE the undying SELF has a limitless potential for deeper and deeper inner connection with our true primordial nature – what we are prior to the projection of the phenomenal world by the mind. It’s now up to us to use that understanding to create a New Earth of Love, Understanding, Compassion, Forgiveness and Service to Others. Continue reading

Inter-Species Relations — The Desert Project

My Comments:

Our Elder Brothers, the Sasquatch, and others who are watching over the present leap in Humanity’s evolution, are asking us to open up to the inter-connectedness of all life. They even say all that is manifest is  an expression of the one Consciousness. My wife, Alia, wrote down a delightful and enlightening vision she received some years ago. Enjoy her portrayal of our potential here on our Home Planet!

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link to the first part of Aurora – The City Of Light

Alia’s Comments:

I have posted this before, as part of my series “Aurora — City of Light,” first shown to me in a vision in the spring of 2012 and “recorded” by me over the next six months or so.

Upon reading the Sasquatch material recently posted here, I remembered that I had addressed this topic of inter-species relations from a “post-disclosure” perspective. While reading the “Messages for Humanity” from the Sasquatch “Elder Brothers,” I began to think that perhaps I was remembering a time in Earth’s history when we lived in harmony with numerous species (both Earthly and Extra-terrestrial in origin) on our dear Mother Planet, Gaia. Continue reading

Message from an “Elder Brother” — The End Is The Beginning

Sasquatch II

My Comments:

One of the last paragraphs in this Message 50 speaks of a sacred portal and a bridge towards spiritual inter-species relationships that has been opened. For me this message has renewed my soul’s desire to truly live each day, each moment with a sense of the sacred and the mystery that this living Universe is, and that each of us, including every tiniest being, is essential to its integrity. To sense the presence of these Elder Brothers that are just waiting for each of us to be ready to connect with them is empowering and inspiring. I feel the influx of energy to continually wake myself up from the stupefying trance that creeps up on me and keeps me in the habits of conditioned mass-consciousness. Thank you SunBow TrueBrother and all who have contributed to bringing these messages out for us all.

If you want to connect to the Facebook Group related to this message, here is the link.

If you want to read all 50 Chapters, here is the link.

Here is link to a PDF of the complete text.

Alia’s Comments:

Sometimes it may be fruitful to read the end of the book first. I feel that this is one of those times. This is the 50th and final (for now) message transmitted by the Sasquatch elder, Kamooh to native younger brother, SunBow TrueBrother. It speaks of our human origins, six million years ago and our original spiritual purpose, as intended by our Star Elders for the continued spiritual evolution on our sacred Mother Planet. Continue reading

painting our New Earth

painting the New World

I love this depiction of how we can paint our new world!

No “fight” against the old – just putting my energy into that which brings me joy

and living each moment to the fullest!

When I am really awake and present to this moment

I bring love into all I do and to every being I connect with.

Then the New World lights up!




Message from an “Elder Brother” — Parts 6 and 7

Sasquatch X

Art by Thomas Finley

My Comments:

This is the next post on Alia’s blog that I am re-posting. It continues the series of Messages to Humanity from the Sasquatch.

These messages have had a very deep impact on me since I began reading them about a week ago. The bottom line is that I (once again) feel the rug has been pulled out from under my feet. All that I ‘thought’ I know has more or less evaporated and I am recognizing this false sense of ‘knowing’ as the real hindrance to opening further awareness. This awareness that is dawning is also a growing sense of a visceral connection to such beings as the Sasquatch, who are standing by and waiting for us to release our tremendous adamance and arrogance. Only then can we ‘hear’ their advice, support and promptings which they are most likely desiring to give us continuously all the time.

Standing Elk passed on a Sasquatch message in which we read: Continue reading

what is consciousness?

nisargadatta_maharaj_51Nisargadatta: The Absolute is unicity, by Itself, but it is expressed in manifold ways and forms. As Absolute I have no experience of myself. The devotion without another is devotion to the Self, where there is no duality.

Once the duality comes, the devotion is divided between subject and object. Before birth we were not conscious of ourself; only when a foreign element, the birth, was introduced, did we become conscious of ourself.

Apprehending this is awakening and for this there is no path or technique. This is so subtle that I would like to speak more about it, but it is physically impossible for me to speak more than a few words. Understand what I am saying. The consciousness arises spontaneously. Once I am conscious of myself I know I exist, and I love this beingness; I do not want this beingness to depart from me and it is this that makes me strive all the day till sleep overcomes me, in order to keep this love of beingness satisfied.

Then the Guru tells me the true state of affairs, that this consciousness which I love so much is only an illusion. It is the basic cause of all unhappiness and my true state is before this consciousness arose.

That is beyond all concepts and any name given is a concept. Understand it thoroughly, intuitively, beyond words, but also understand that that understanding can be of no use to you, because it is at the level of consciousness, and consciousness is illusory.

What is being recorded and transcribed here will be of unimaginable value in course of time when the basis of understanding will be broadened and people will want to know what the state of affairs is. At that time, when this is exposed on a wider scale, there will be wonderment. These words will be few, but those who at a certain time will be proud of their own achievements, when they hear these few words their own knowledge will evaporate so suddenly they will be wonderstruck.

Questioner: I don’t understand the way the word consciousness is used here. I thought consciousness was pure awareness, the Ultimate reality.

Nisargadatta: This consciousness, which depends on the food body which is born, is time-bound. That which is prior to consciousness is the Absolute, and when consciousness is without a form and not aware of itself, it is the Absolute. We are nothing but this consciousness.

You come here and I talk to you but I am not concerned whether you come or go. I am totally independent. I, as the Absolute, do not need the consciousness. Total independence is merely to apprehend and understand. My apparent dependence is on this consciousness which says

“I Am.” It is this sentience which enables me to perceive you. This concept I did not have but even then I existed. I was there before this consciousness appeared.

Whatever you want, desire or worship, can only be concepts. Have you heard what is conceptual existence and what is existence prior to concepts?

Many people have come here purely for spiritual purposes and they have professed great love for me. Subsequently some good fortune happens to them and they prosper and in their prosperity they have no time to come here. All the earlier love is where? This is the province of maya (the power that creates the illusion). A person comes with the sincere intention of spiritual search, then this maya shows him a little bit of temptation and off he goes.

This maya does not operate independently – we are partners. Will he dare divorce himself from this maya? No, he will accept that maya. That ego (that I am so and so) is very difficult to get rid of, but the ego cannot touch one who really understands what I say.

You will continue coming here as long as the concepts remain; once you go beyond concepts there will be no need to come here.

Since when and because of what, is what you think you are?

Source: Nisargadatta, PRIOR TO CONSCIOUSNESS, p. 80, 81


the ultimate dimension – Thich Nhat Hanh Part II

Thich Nhat Hanh Calligraphy

My comments:

This is part two of two. The modern Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh expounds in a concise and everyday manner a basic understanding of Buddha’s teachings. This second part focuses on the second and third of the three Dharma Seals that the Buddha passed on to us: the teaching of no-self and nirvana. Thay gives us simple examples of how to practice these in our daily life. He makes it clear how understanding and practicing these basic teachings of the Buddha gives us a basis for clarity and a way of living with strong ethics. I find this essay so timely for each of us to support us in being part of the new earth that is emerging now. Enjoy part two!



No Self

Impermanence is looking at reality from the point of view of time. No self is looking at reality from the point of view of space. They are two sides of reality. No self is a manifestation of impermanence, and impermanence is a manifestation of no self. If things are impermanent, they are without a separate self. If things are without a separate self, they are impermanent.

Impermanence means being transformed at every moment. This is reality. And since there is nothing unchanging, how can there be a permanent self, a separate self? When we say “self,” we mean something that is always itself, unchanging day after day. But nothing is like that. Our body is impermanent, our emotions are impermanent and our perceptions are impermanent. Our anger, our sadness, our love, our hatred and our consciousness are also impermanent. So what permanent thing is there that we can call a self? Continue reading

Message from an “Elder Brother” — Parts 4 and 5

Sasquatch and ButterflyTaking in these messages over the last week has impressed upon me something the Sasquatch told SunBow TrueBrother in message 47:
”The duration of your life span is but a brief breath of eternity, which must be lived purely and wisely. The state of your world demands urgent awakening and changes; the short time available is precious. This situation your people are in, with your obliterated collective memory and loss of ancient wisdom, without purpose or direction, requires immediate reconnection with the empathy and compassion of your Soul. Your short life time may not allow for you to learn every details about the long past history of Earth, the many species of Star Beings or hybrids and their specific stories, or their civilizations; but it should all be used to return to balance with the natural Cosmic Order, in dharmic Peace with all life.” Continue reading