sublimate the mind in the Self – Ramana

“Sublimate the mind in the Self”

Ramana Maharshi

What does this mean? It means the mind is the great impostor. A whole world, nee, a whole cosmos is conjured up and we are made to believe it is really happening, but in Reality nothing is happening. Very hard to believe that everything we see, touch, taste, smell and think is all just the mysterious effect of sound vibration taking on certain patterns and then these patterns (forms) looking at themselves and interacting with each other as though they were more than patterns of sound vibration. Is it possible to get to the root of this “manifestation”?

The statement above by Ramana means that it is the Self alone that exists outside of space and time and all dimensions. We perceive the immensity of all of manifested creation and our mind is overwhelmed. We cannot take in Eternity and Infinity, although we have these two nice and neat words to give us the feeling that we have ‘grasped’ their significance. How can we get to the root of all of this? Is there a root at all?

Anyone who has suddenly found themselves in the Stillpoint, the Silence, the Emptiness, will agree with me that there IS a source-point or source-place that is not of time and space. Ramana calls this ‘something’ that one experiences at that place “the Self”. How can we find the Self? Stop. Stop all searching using the mind and the organs of perception. They are all part of the magic. You can enjoy them and shudder at their ferocity, but don’t subscribe to them.

Realize you identity with the Absolute Reality. Turn inward to the One Reality. The sense of “I” stems from the One Reality, which is before the duality of subject and object and the trinity of seer, sight and seen. You cannot “find” the Self, because It is actually the only Reality that really IS, all else is superimposed in the Self.

To sublimate the mind in the Self, create the imagination and feel like you and your mind are a piece of spongecake. Feel like all of Life that surrounds you is very light, but pleasantly sweetened liquid with the slight taste of caramel and you are being submerged into this bath of sweetness. Allow yourself, as the spongecake, to sink into the sweetness and become the sweetness.

Don’t give credence to anything that seems to be ‘happening’ in your field of awareness. Hold fast to the conviction, as strange as it sounds, that only the One is Real, and that It is infinite benevolence, compassion, joy and love.




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