Mesaverde Cliff Palace Anasazi Ancient Ones

musings on the ancient ones


a sun cycle we call a year,

this planet has been alive for many millions

of years of beings alive and sentient

living together – finally – peacefully

used their sentience to explore what we can create together

in love and abundance enjoying being together.

where are they now? no one knows for sure, the ancients

left some of their buildings we find so we know

of them they lived long ago millions of years.

must have gained the wisdom black diamond of silence

to have lived millions of years peacefully enjoying eternity.

what about us? we can too sure we can once we humble ourselves

to know we are part of this too same as them why not?

only still toddlers in our spirit crawling along our head too heavy to lift

so we can see a bit further see those who came before and

are still here only not so low

let’s raise our eyes our heads up to the heavens

the stars the sky so blue

deep blue and full of mystery our friend our mother and father

the mystery so warm and dark our womb so lose your fear

raise your head your eyes your spirit it’s all just here for you

as you – not against you don’t believe – it help the others to

understand and stand now up on our feet looking straight

ahead with our head up high.

come on, you can do it too

sure you can.




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