the reason why

the reason why

Careful, careful, each step you take,

walking down the mountain

with honeycakes in your pack.

On your way to market

selling on the corner,

where all the taxis pass.

Never look beyond your nose,

keep to what you’re doing.

Any swish away from there

will land you in the gutter.

Is there sunshine on your face?

Or clouds and white birds flying?

Can you hear the donkey yodel

his mournful call to prayer?

Never mind, be at your work,

just sit and smile and sell.

Destiny will open up

the vistas of eternity,

but only if you keep your eyes

fixed upon the riddle,

flipping hotcakes for the world

with all your care and skill.

Who can tell what skills you have

until you start to use them?

Then they taste your honeycakes

and know it’s for a reason.



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