a jnani – he who knows


A jnani can transcend consciousness and be the Absolute on demand; he can come into consciousness because that particular body is still available – through that body communication takes place with the beings in consciousness.

You have an ocean and the water from the ocean in a pot, now that pot is dipped into the ocean, the pot is still there, but the water in the pot merges with the ocean water, so that water does not feel any difference, but the water in the pot can also witness the pot. It has the advantage of being one with the Absolute and to use the body also. With this example I am able to understand what the state of a jnani could be.

source: Nisargadatta, Prior to Consciousness, November 23, 1980

My comment: We see ourselves as beings in consciousness. The jnani is in the Absolute state, sometimes called the ‘no-state-state’ because it is not a state with a subject and objects of perception as in the state of consciousness. According to the jnani, all of consciousness is a minuscule realm when seen from the platform of the Absolute. For those of us who identify ourselves as beings in consciousness, this realm is “All That Is” and the “I Am Presence” and it appears immense, infinite. The jnani  recognizes that all of consciousness is a kind of super-imposition, an overlay, if you so will, of the sense of “I am” on our original state, our true nature, as the Absolute. The jnani interfaces with us, as beings in consciousness, through the instrument of a mind-body complex without identification with this instrument. This communication from the Absolute can be seen as coming from the Ultimate Dimension into our limited and relative dimension of consciousness, much like we now feel we are receiving messages from beings in higher densities. Some of these beings (Blue Avians) tell us that they are able to create a physical form in our world in order to interface with us, after which they then recede from physicality and reside in their own density which we do not perceive.  The jnani tells us that the Absolute is the one natural state and thus each of us is the Absolute right now. Our focus on the super-imposition (the projection) of our phenomenal world, which includes all of the most subtle ‘energy’ realms, is what fills our organs of perception and thus there is ‘no room in the inn’ for the realization of us as the Absolute.




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