I am this – Nisargadatta

Immortal Knight - By Freydoon Rassouli


All hangs on the idea ‘I am so and so’. Examine it very thoroughly. It lies at
the root of every trouble. This ‘I am so and so’ idea was not born with you.
You could have lived very well without it.

It came later due to your self-identification with the body. It created an illusion of separation where there was none. It made you a stranger in your own world alien and inimical. Without the sense of ‘I am this’ life goes on. There are moments when we are without the sense of ‘I am this’, at peace and happy. With the return of ‘I am this ’, trouble starts.

It is because the ‘I am this’ is false that it wants to continue. Reality
need not continue – knowing itself indestructible, it is indifferent
to the destruction of forms and expressions. To strengthen and
stabilize the ‘I am this’ we do all sorts of things – all in vain –  for the ‘I
am this’ is being rebuilt from moment to moment. No ambition is
spiritual. All ambitions are for the sake of ‘I am this’. If you want to
make real progress you must give up all ideas of personal