We Move in the Space We Create As We Move – Krishnamurti

“We Move in the Space We Create As We Move”

This is a statement by Krishnamurti that I picked up way back in the 70’s and I repeated it to my yoga teacher, Rajo, who had introduced me to Krishnamurti. Rajo then replied that if we can understand that one statement, that is the whole philosophy. I don’t know exactly where that came from except that at that time I was studying “Freedom from the Known”, I think. Did he really say it? That may not be so very important, as he is no authority (something Krishnamurti impressed upon his listeners time and time again), but my memory back then was pretty good so the probability of me having correctly remembered is high. Especially since I have since then repeated that statement to many, many people over the years since that first time.

I came across another such (for me) seminal statement in his Notebook just recently, during one of the phases of great intensity of ‘the process’ that he described: “… there was no continuity but only being” (July 9, 1961). Which means to me that there is no multiplicity moving from one state into the next state, but only one state that moves as itself as a whole.

K - explode from the centreTherefore it follows that whatever state I am in now is the state within which  I “move”. So he also says “Can you explode from the center?” – to say each of us creates out of ourselves without any pre-condition in every moment. If we can deeply see this, then the known in ended and not brought forward into the next moment. We are free to be fresh out of ourself in every moment divorced from “what was”. The known is not ‘ended’ because ‘we’ end it – but simply because it is seen that existence is fresh and new in every moment, unless we carry over some impression from a previous movement of existence into this present movement of existence. We, therefore, give some previous form of existence a ‘new‘ form (similar to a former form) in this new moment by carrying it over from our memory impression into NOW.

Therefore, we need not ‘do’ anything to ‘end’ the known, but only to refrain from giving it form again by our focusing on it repeatedly. If we were strongly enough in inner awareness to allow every expression of existence to ‘end’, or ‘die’, then we would truly be in an ‘unknown’ new existence from moment to moment, free from all that is ‘known’.

flame of seeingA useful metaphor is the following:
In a dark room I light a torch and swirl my outstretched arm in front of me describing a large circle with the flame of the torch. The fact is the burning flame of the torch. It is at one single point of the circle at any given time. However, the eye sees a complete circle of fire. One could say that the circle is an illusion, created by the eye holding on to the impression of the path of the flame through space in the dark room. Similarly our way of perceiving creates continuity of the movement of the Life Force, whereas in actuality there is only the burning flame of Life’s Energy in the one eternal NOW moment, which is always new and fresh our of itself. That is way some have said the Big Bang is happening now and always. Only when we create an illusory center from which we record the path of this flame of life and store these impressions, are we able to conjure them up before our mind’s eye and let them run like the frames of a film to show a movie, or connected story-line.

There is no problem with that as long as we are aware with our Inner Awareness (which overrides the illusion) that it is WE who are creating the seeming continuity. As long as we are aware of this being our own creation, we are free to NOT MAKE SENSE and to create in each moment free from all supposed ‘predetermined conditions’. Does this makes sense? 😉






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