a spiritual scientist


Become a spiritual scientist. The fundamental element of our psyche is the sense of “I”, also often called the Ego. Focus your whole being on this element. Where does it originate within your being? Be a spiritual scientist and focus the powerful beam of your Inner Awareness on the “I” feeling. When you perceive anything, or think anything, direct your focus on that “I” sense and follow it to where it originates as our first thought.

In doing so this focus will bring this false identity, this false “I”, to disintegration. The Ego, the false identity, has been keeping the tremendous energy of Intelligent Infinity from flowing freely by limiting It to the Ego structure. This energetic structure is created by a false identification with form and maintained by continued false identification with form, first of all the human body form, and then consequently with all other forms that we see as constituting our world. Our beam of energy (our focused attention) disintegrates this energy structure, this energy container and the entire energy of Intelligent Infinity returns to Its natural state of being infinite and unlimited. This is the state of “exploding from the Center” or the Heart. In that state all concepts lose their validity and you remain as YOU, as the original “I”. Your Identity is then to see your Self as the timeless, and spaceless Being that we all actually and naturally ARE.

Enjoy your Self!





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