dogs may bark but the caravan moves on – Rumi

camel caravan

The image of a large caravan making its way on a long journey – while passing a small grouping of dwellings the local dogs begin barking… I am reminded of this as I listen to trivial and contentious responses to the deep struggles humanity is going through right now. Humanity is moving on, together with the celestial bodies with whom we are traveling through the cosmos. Will each and every human “move on” by aligning him/herself with this cosmic rhythm? Only if we are not distracted by the barking dogs…


10. … “Does a caravan ever turn back from a journey on account of the noise and clamor of dogs?

Or on a night of moonlight is the running of the full-moon in its course retarded by the dog´s outcry?

The moon sheds light and the dog barks: every one proceeds according to his nature.

15. (The Divine) Destiny hath allotted to every one a certain service, suitable to his essential nature, (to be performed) in (the way of) probation.

Since the dog will not leave off his pestilent howling, I (who) am the moon, how should I abandon my course? ”

SOURCE  ,THE MATHNAWI, RUMI, Book VI, Verses 10 and 15