In The Hands Of Sacred Love

This is a deep message from the Heart – a poem by Syl65.

Syl65's Blog


The spirit calls again
Wind whisperer, I hear
Sacred love takes my hand
I follow, heart at ease
We canoe down the river of pondering
I see the world on a higher plateau
Sacred love tells me this is true love
We arrive at the tree of understanding
Hand in hand, my heart at ease
I see the world with strong roots
Sacred love tells me protect the seeds planted
We walk for miles and miles
Across various terrains
Hands not once coming apart
Sacred love tells me, this is the path to pure love
It will be beautiful and it will be trying at times
Keep your spirits aligned with The One who giveth light to all
And the path will always be clear
Sleep then fell upon my eyes
I felt peace rise within, my soul at ease
Deep in what felt like a dream, Sacred love tells…

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