I don’t mind – Mooji

The simple statement: “I don’t mind” is very deep when seen in the context of our habitual choosing and rejecting of life circumstances. The modern sage Krishnamurti once asked his audience: “Would you like to know my secret?” It was clear that of course everyone wanted to hear his secret and all were in high anticipation. He then simply said: “I don’t mind.”

Consensus consciousness sees non-acceptance of that which is seen as detrimental and the search for supportive situations and life circumstances as the basic guidelines for a happy and fulfilled life. Rarely do we question this basic modus operandi of our society. My teacher gave us as slightly different wording. He said “Accept all changes.”

When one experiments with this radically changed posture and attitude towards all situations in life, it becomes clear how powerful a catalyst this discipline is. It brings to light all of the attachments to viewpoints and beliefs that bind us in so many different ways. Only when we are able to release all of our concepts and cherished beliefs about how life should be are we able to be calm in our heart.

Enjoy 10 minutes with Mooji:


“Take the attitude ‘I don’t mind’.” (Mooji)

Arunachala Satsang with Mooji

(Music clip: Giovanni Marradi Just For You)




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