Humanity’s Hero’s Journey

Thank you for bringing up this amazing recording of how humanity REALLY is – when it comes down to it. Over 500,000 people rescued in less than 9 hours, spontaneously – there was no organization (except the Coast Guard putting out one radio call soon after they saw the need).
One man’s comment about deciding to act regardless of regulations etc., says volumes: “Morally….this is the right thing to do, and deep down, this is what I’m going to do.”

New Earth Paradigm

This video about the spontaneous “boatlift” that occurred on 9-11-2001 has resurfaced and I just watched it for the third or fourth time. What comes to mind each time I see this incredible expression of Humanity’s best side is this: If we could pull together and pull something of this magnitude off 14 years ago — when most of us were still deeply asleep — what more could be be capable of NOW!?

This is a clear example of creative solution in the face of extreme crisis. It was carried out by Americans coming together to help one another survive during a disaster of unknown origin and proportions.

I am posting this now, because I feel that we are facing another crisis situation of unknown proportion and unknown outcome — the destiny of our planet and our civilization. For all intents and purposes, it appears we have reached the “moment…

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