The Journey into My Heart – Final Words – For Now

The Six Heart Virtues of the Wingmakers Teachings come alive in Alia’s series of articles on them. Enjoy!

New Earth Paradigm

Six Virtues of the Heart Six Virtues of the Heart

There are many entry points into a journey into one’s heart; the Wingmakers/Lyricus Teaching Order materials are only one such route. Over the course of this lifetime, I recognize half a dozen portals that gave me access to my heart’s tender qualities. “A Course in Miracles” was a major one for me. Each time I stepped upon such a path, I grew spiritually and gained valuable experiences that took me to the next phase of my journey.

The important thing to remember is that it is not any particular path that is the key to such growth. The important thing is that when one comes to such a “gateway” that leads inward, that one accepts the opportunity and commits to follow that path with an intention to learn and grow.

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