Ramana Maharshi Self Inquiry Meditation


Question: You say one can realize the Self by a search for it. What is the character of this search?
Ramana Maharshi: You are the mind or think that you are the mind. The mind is nothing but thoughts. Now behind every particular thought there is a general thought, which is the ‘I’, that is yourself. Let us call this ‘I’ the first thought. Stick to this ‘I’ -thought and question it to find out what it is. When this question takes strong hold on you, you cannot think of other thoughts.

Question : When I do this and cling to my self, that is, the `I’-thought, other thoughts come and go, but I say to myself `Who am I ?’ and there is no answer forthcoming. To be in this condition is the practice. Is it so?
Ramana Maharshi :  This is a mistake that people often make. What happens when you make a serious quest for the Self is that the `I’-thought disappears and something else from the depths takes hold of you and that is not the `I’ which commenced the quest.

Question : What is this something else?
Ramana Maharshi :  That is the real Self, the import of `I’. It is not the ego. It is the Supreme Being itself. Continue reading

dogs may bark but the caravan moves on – Rumi

camel caravan

The image of a large caravan making its way on a long journey – while passing a small grouping of dwellings the local dogs begin barking… I am reminded of this as I listen to trivial and contentious responses to the deep struggles humanity is going through right now. Humanity is moving on, together with the celestial bodies with whom we are traveling through the cosmos. Will each and every human “move on” by aligning him/herself with this cosmic rhythm? Only if we are not distracted by the barking dogs…


10. … “Does a caravan ever turn back from a journey on account of the noise and clamor of dogs?

Or on a night of moonlight is the running of the full-moon in its course retarded by the dog´s outcry?

The moon sheds light and the dog barks: every one proceeds according to his nature.

15. (The Divine) Destiny hath allotted to every one a certain service, suitable to his essential nature, (to be performed) in (the way of) probation.

Since the dog will not leave off his pestilent howling, I (who) am the moon, how should I abandon my course? ”

SOURCE  ,THE MATHNAWI, RUMI, Book VI, Verses 10 and 15



In The Hands Of Sacred Love

This is a deep message from the Heart – a poem by Syl65.

Syl65's Blog


The spirit calls again
Wind whisperer, I hear
Sacred love takes my hand
I follow, heart at ease
We canoe down the river of pondering
I see the world on a higher plateau
Sacred love tells me this is true love
We arrive at the tree of understanding
Hand in hand, my heart at ease
I see the world with strong roots
Sacred love tells me protect the seeds planted
We walk for miles and miles
Across various terrains
Hands not once coming apart
Sacred love tells me, this is the path to pure love
It will be beautiful and it will be trying at times
Keep your spirits aligned with The One who giveth light to all
And the path will always be clear
Sleep then fell upon my eyes
I felt peace rise within, my soul at ease
Deep in what felt like a dream, Sacred love tells…

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I was not


“I didn’t know I was, presently I know I am, this is the same “I” with the knowingness mantle over it. This is the way the very Absolute transformed Itself into this grosser consciousness state, the state of appearance.”

“Nobody wants to inquire about the Self deeply and thoroughly, everybody inquires on a superficial level.” (Nisargadatta, Prior to Consciousness p. 54)

I was not. Then suddenly, I was. It feels like I am, but actually, I am not. If I had known what a trap I was getting into, I would not have gone into my mother’s womb. This sounds like a rejection of being alive, but it is not. It is neither rejection nor acceptance. This is the fine line of the paradox that my consciousness has to walk in order to find my way out of the labyrinth of consciousness. Continue reading

I don’t mind – Mooji

The simple statement: “I don’t mind” is very deep when seen in the context of our habitual choosing and rejecting of life circumstances. The modern sage Krishnamurti once asked his audience: “Would you like to know my secret?” It was clear that of course everyone wanted to hear his secret and all were in high anticipation. He then simply said: “I don’t mind.” Continue reading

don’t talk to anyone about it – Mooji




Are you ready to meet God?
Then, right now, don’t touch anything, not any idea—neither good nor bad.
Don’t get involved in anything at all.
Anything that appears, just leave it.
Don’t hold onto anything, including your self-image.
And don’t be too busy leaving things.
At a certain point you leave them as they come—no pockets to store things.
Be free of all involvements.
No name, no shape, no form, no intention, no dreams, no aspirations.
Neither mix nor associate with anything.
If someone comes and taps you on the shoulder and needs help with anything,
do what needs to be done, but don’t identify. Remain inwardly empty. Tell no one.
When you leave everything, He will come to meet you.
You will know Him who is your Self.
But you won’t be able to talk about it.
It must not be an experience that ‘you’ have.
The personal self, the ego, must not survive this inquiry.
So there must not be somebody who has attained or achieved anything.
No name. No signature.
Let everything be burnt or washed away.
Master said: Die but don’t be dead.
Meaning, die to all your personal notions of God, the world, and yourself.
Then you will find that which is Unborn.
This is your God Self.
Do this.
Sit by yourself and simply keep quiet.
This is my invitation.
Don’t talk to me or anyone about it.
I will meet you there.

~ Mooji, Sahaja 2015


Sahaja Sanskrit: सहज, meaning “spontaneous, natural, simple, or easy”





one with the earth – Simon Atkins

Simon Atkins Mantra

I have a great mantra:

“I am seated into my Heart Chakra, one with the earth and the cosmos. I am everflowing, ever graceful, and unmoved by any negativity. I treat all with respect, kindness and empathy, and I serve my Self as a part of humanity, growing in the abundance field in the beauty of all sentient beings, now and forever more.”




*Sending you a big hug!*


Simon Atkins




Information on Dr Simon Atkins and his work of the Advanced Forecasting Corporation (AFC) HERE.