Creature of Wings

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by of Common Sense Knight

raven_wings__darkness_moving_into_the_light Of all the warm time she spent and couldn’t remember about she was welcomed by some more warmth of motherly love and smile by a loving figure she didn’t knew of but could realize she was in safe and loving abode. Raised with all the love and affection the loving figure who she later realized was called mother. Mother taught this little creature many things about life, about world, living she grasped them all very well she was indeed a brainy creature.

One day she asked her mother. She: ”Mother who am i?” Mother told her ”My dear you are a beautiful CREATURE OF WINGS  you are meant to fly high into the sky across the world. You are free creature you should learn and understand this life and live it as you want to. You shall make your own rules of living someday. Someday you shall fly and fly high into the sky far across the lands because as i said you are a free Creature of Wings my dear and this whole world is yours”. She believed her mother and began to imagine what lied across the lands and those valleys she wanted to see them someday when she’d learn to fly with the wings she had but the wings of independence had already grew inside her mind.

As time passed she grew into a more beautiful creature. Her wings had now grown and were prompting her to take a ride. So she asked her mother to teach her to fly. The mother told her all she knew and than helped her take her flight. That day she finally flew first time and she saw those beautiful valleys, Mountains, Rivers. Although it wasn’t the perfect ride she did fell once or twice but what didn’t fall was her will to fly. The wings inside her mind held her high all through the while. Failure didn’t discourage her much as she got up every time. After this when she came back her mother asked ”how was it your first stint with sky?”. She replied ”The world is really beautiful much more than what i imagined it to be i did fell once or twice but i kept my confidence all the while”. “I’m proud of you my darling bird” said her mother as she kissed her.

10919088_1536514509939448_1346144677_nOnce free no one could stop her. She flew and flew daily across the lands she never knew through the worlds she never had seen. She did became a flying master and fulfilled each and every word of prophecy as her mother said. A beautiful creature of wings flying in sky high across the lands. As she enjoyed her days of freedom assuming they’d always stay. She didn’t knew of the evil vision a few ugly eagles had set on her. Her flesh was so soft and fine just exactly what these heinous creatures would love to dine. Spread the news among these evil creatures that something beautiful, something delicate flew in the skies it was an summon to anyone whomsoever could catch her and than we’d all have the feast as tasty as we’ve never had any treat.


Came the news of evil plan to the ears of mother they told her the devils have an set an eye on her, protect your beautiful creature of wings, oh mother! The mother talked to her and warned her of all to come. She understood and resented the vision of the world. Filled of questions was her mind? She wanted to ask Why? Why can’t they let me be free and fly and live all the dreams i had? Why can’t they see me happy and free? Why do they all take away Wings of a beautiful creature from her? As she grew, her mother realized the beautiful creature now needs to have a life. How long will she roam around and catch the eye of evil eagles. She needs to have a family now, her own set of beautiful creature of wings. She told her she must find a partner for her and she should have her own nest now. This idea wasn’t welcomed by her. She told she did wanted to have her own creatures but not now because as of yet some of her dreams are left there a few places she wants to fly that are still not found. She wants to go to them and have her own peace of mind. Mother got angry and said ”you are an idiot you stupid bird when will you understand, it’s time you are now a grown up bird and not an infant. There are a few responsibilities you have and you can’t just go on flying and flying now. It’s time you set down your wings and shower your love on little pieces of your soul”. Mother, oh Mother i know what you say, i do deeply see what weight lies on me but what’s the hurry in it. I’m not an brash or naive creature now mother i know how to use my wings and i’ll find my ways and life soon but please my beloved mother don’t cut my wings as of yet. I think i still have a few heights to get”. Mother was furious at what had become of her little life and why she’d not listen to one who gave her all she had. Unacceptive of whatever she had to say the mother had sealed her fate and gave her just some time to prepare for that.


She thought and thought of ways to fight but none were useful. So she made up her mind what to do she packed all she had and escaped into the night sky one night. She flew and flew far away from her home. The very place she learned of freedom was now an danger to it so with heart of stone she had to decide that she’ll leave the place what was once a delight a heaven to live so sweet it was. Now it just seemed like a prison of all sorts. The very wings her mother gave her she was taking back due to the fear of eagles and vultures lurking around in awe of the delicious feast they’d get. As she flew she could sense them back the wings of freedom she’d thought she lost. She went flying deep into her dreams all she’d seen as if came to life. Than something happened and she felt uneasy as if something was trying to bring her back. It didn’t took her long to realize what it was her dream had now broken in reality and she was back to life what she saw was frightening beyond words. She saw herself lying dead in a corner of world no one cared. The truth was that she was never born and all she saw was a dream of her soul. Her body was never born though she was killed by the very people who brought her. Why? She wondered Why ? Because they said she wasn’t strong enough and she’d not grow up to be. They thought she’d not be able to carry their legacy. They needed someone strong and brave someone they considered worthy of being born whereas she was a little gentle creature what could on earth she do? and why  should they even welcome her? Crying and Crying the soul of bird went away from the place where she lied dead in dirt. Determined to tell the world she is strong and brave as anyone. No one can so easily cut her wings off because she always is the beautiful strong brave and independent ”CREATURE OF WINGS”.


Someday she’ll fly high and make all her dreams a reality in life, that day the world would know the creature of wings is strong and brave too and she doesn’t deserve  to be treated the way they treat her.




2 thoughts on “Creature of Wings

  1. A beautiful story. We have all played out our versions of it. But now, we take flight in the face of evil, for we know better now that evil is only a part of ourselves and we can choose to include it in our flight plans. much love to you Tomas, Alia

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