What is it like to be an energy being?

light body

Sometimes dreams leave such a vivid and lasting impression that shows me something I haven’t yet experienced that clearly in my “waking” hours. I  call these “teaching dreams”. Last night was such a dream experience. In this dream I was suddenly completely aware that I was an energy being.

It went like this: I was walking down a sidewalk on a kind of college campus with a lawn and big trees on both sides. I was reflecting on a slight disagreement that had happened a short while before between another student and myself in our small study group. I had suddenly stood up (gathering my pillows under my arm – dreams are fascinating – what do the pillows mean? 😉 ) and said “I’ll have to digest that. See you later!” Then I left. Now I was walking to somewhere where I could be on my own. I thought “Maybe that person with whom I disagreed and I won’t want to see each other again. How will that work here on the campus where we will likely run into each other?”

In that moment, while still walking, I realized myself as a pure energy configuration or structure within the body and the body no longer had clear features, but was more like an amoeba around me as the energy structure. I was just in this relatively “individualized energy field” within the sea of energy all around me. I was formed somewhat like an egg that had slight contours towards the “ground” and those were my “legs”. I kept acting, or pretending I was taking steps, but it was more like treading water. It became clear that all these thoughts, interactions and movements were really based in thought-intention and the physicality of it is just something we have been able to create by imagining diversity and “solidity”.

It is all our creation for us to experience ourselves and explore how we are when we interact “as though” we were separate bodies. In this way at any given moment our emotions, our deep feeling tone, our intentions and our thoughts all become obvious to us because they all contribute to the manifest reality of the phenomenal world. Physical “3D” reality is actually a cosmic feedback loop showing us at all times what our vibrational frequency looks like when made apparent (= “manifest”).

Happy manifesting!

with Love,








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