How do we raise mass consciousness?


This is the question I asked one of my FB friends with whom I had been chatting for a couple of days. He is a young fellow and very interested. He and I began an exchange on the Sphere Being Alliance FB page regarding “proof” about the extraterrestrial beings called the Blue Avians, the Sphere Beings and other information being put out here by the Secret Space Program whistle-blower Corey.

After some back and forth I sensed that under all these questions there was a, for him, more important question . I then I asked him what he Really wanted to know and he responded

“What do I really want to know about what?”

My reply: “Do you have a big question, like: can I trust the Sphere Beings? Are we going to have a WWIII? Any questions like that? Is life over at death? Why are we humans on the Earth? Anything like that?

This is what he replied:

“I don’t know about the Blue Avians Corey talks about but I trust the information from both DW and Cobra about them being here and their mission of not letting anyone leave and buffering the energy.

There’s not going to be a WWIII.

Life is not over at death. We are consciousness which is indestructible.

My big question right now would be how to connect with my inner guidance so I can get a home and a job without becoming a slave to this system”

Here I began to get some insight into his world and I realized that our grand exchange on the FB threads of ideas on quite a metaphysical level were not his real interest. I felt in his response the vast part of humanity that just wants to live a peaceful life together with their friends and family free from the current abuse that is so pervasive in most areas of life on Earth. Strong compassion welled up in me for us all and I am expressing this here so that we may be able to better include these ones in our work here of preparing humanity for the coming events.

I asked him if it is OK to post his comments and he asked “Why do you want to do that?”. I replied “Because I see that many who are on that page are holding ideological discussions and I feel we need more humanistic conversations – to talk about what is really bothering people – your reply to me was very clear in that way. ” He then agreed as long as I leave out his name.

I then asked him: “So how do we raise mass consciousness? I believe first of all by stopping the struggles among ourselves unless about really important things.”

His beautiful and touching response is as follows:


loving ourselves

that’s also something neither Corey and the blue Avians have specified

you can’t be service to others

least, not effectively or without developing resentment

if you don’t start with yourself

it’s about healing the programs of self-hate we have already assimilated from our parents and the world

that’s how you raise your consciousness

going into the quiet within

appreciating things

all of that comes naturally when you are in nature, playing in it



that happiness, not as in “new agey” always be happy, kind of happiness

just, play, letting yourself be

do you understand?

I think those things are of great value

but how is one going to play or even have time to be still or even considered what they need to forgive about themselves, when they work a 9-5 job.

You can’t love others unless you love yourself

and if you try, just because some Space Guy is telling you

it’s more of…

“ok, I will treat these people good because I want the benefit that comes from that”

instead of just being a natural expression of who you are

of the love you have given yourself

I truly believe that loving others, is like the cup becoming so filled that it just goes in every direction

because, to use another analogy, imagine being a starving child, and being asked to give what little food you have to others

it’s just not natural, you see?

first, feed and pamper your child, make sure he is ok

and then that child will naturally want to help others.”

Thank you, dear friend, for steering me in the direction of more compassion and understanding, and less in the direction of logical arguments and metaphysical truths. No, I won’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Metaphysics are where I am able to express some aspects of this reality that don’t fit into concepts that are limited to the phenomenal world. I will simply attempt to express these deep truths in a simple way that anyone can understand and relate to.

As Ra loves to say “learn/teach and teach/learn”.




10 thoughts on “How do we raise mass consciousness?

  1. Thank you Tomas for asking the questions and hearing the response. Your friend speaks what is true, so clear, so simply. Makes me smile. t.

  2. He is quite spot on! And I agree with him 100%. Actually he’s already got the wisdom he needs to ‘enhance’ his inner work. And spend more time there in the inner sanctuary. We all sometimes get too sucked in by this beast called Internet. Its a brilliant tool to get info and connect with people. However sometimes we start relying too much on it to get knowledge!

    He reminded me of Matt Kahn when he said ‘pampering the child’. Its so true. Even though his context of saying it was different, I’d take it further and say Our inner child needs more attention than we have given it as it has been made to shut up for various reasons in the past and because we have given more importance to people who we wanted to please than tending to that beautiful person inside. I’d like to suggest, if I may, to everyone who wants to take it onboard to really have an inner dialogue with the inner child and give it a space to speak whatever he/she wants to. I went through a process last year where I give my inner child permission to rant, shout, scream or whatever inside my heart and my friendship with him has greatly improved ever since.

    Also, STO can be misconstrued. When we are doing inner work, it is very much STO in my view. We are helping the collective by making the old paradigms weaker. That’s STO isn’t it?

    Quite early on on my journey, my Higher Self said “Society says “dont be self-centered”. I say be self-centered in order to become selfless. Unless you are self-centered, you cannot work on yourself. And once you’ve worked enough on yourselves, there comes a moment when you’re not occupied with your self and then prayers for others naturally happen. And there you go, you’ve become selfless!!’ Namasté

  3. Oh Michael you hit the nail on the head again, for me anyway. Your last paragraph says it all for me, and I have a new post ready that I’ll publish in the next couple days that’s all about healing my own dissatisfaction, because whatever is going on in our world(s), whatever is “wrong”, it is *never* “out there”. Thank you Tomas for this post. Obviously I agree that we need to be more compassionate, more inclusive, and more personal in our discussions about “healing the planet”. Even having said all this, I’m now off to read about what this Corey person has to say 🙂
    Blessings and hugs

    • Thanks, Alison. Corey’s story is very fascinating – actually mind-blowing – but my sense is that he is very genuine. In any case it seems that our efforts to support others to awaken to their true self are now more required than ever.
      with much love – tomas

  4. Thanks for sharing this exchange, Tomas. I think in reading this, perhaps as a projection of my own feelings, that part of what lies at the root here is the starting point that something doesn’t feel right. Something is off. And how can I find time to correct what is “off” if my day is chewed up working 9-5, etc., etc.? The sensation of doing what one doesn’t desire to do creates inner conflict, and resistance. And we project the feeling that something is wrong onto the world, the job, etc. We look elsewhere… to aliens, teachings that are new to us, to a world “outside” of the one that is so “screwed up” for the answers.

    I have been watching chipmunks this weekend in our backyard, gathering seeds from a bird feeder that spilled over, and they are not the least bit disappointed about “working” all day to collect and stockpile these seeds in their den. It’s the unification of our deepest desires, our sensations of fulfillment and well-being, and the manner in which we express these while taking care of our basic needs that is missing I think. The unification of these facets into a coherent wholeness. And your friend is right I think, it can only come from cultivating love of oneself, one’s needs, one’s relationships, one’s experience…

    It is so hard to see while the dissatisfaction reigns and is continually tugging on the soul, that the dissatisfaction is the product of resistance and of that basic inner feeling, or starting point, that there is something missing within us. This is the evidence we are relying upon when assessing our experience… this inner feeling that something isn’t right. When this is healed the experience changes radically, but when one is focused on translating that feeling onto a story of what’s broken in the world “out there”, it is impossible to see this…


    • Thanks, Michael! Yes, our deep-rooted belief that there really is a ‘world out there’ that we interact with as an ‘object’ apart from us is the seed of the illusion. I love the “chipmunk teachers” – simply living with inner awareness.

      • i’ve met some really evolved/spiritual/grounded people here, and they are also highly intelligent.. one is a born leader, and at times i feel quite a weight on my shoulders b/c of my influence on her.. ((what am i doing in this gal’s life?)… but then i realize i’m there if for nothing else than to cheer her on and assure her that she will have a great positive impact on our world.

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