a verbal universe

world of wordsBe careful.

The moment you start talking you create a verbal universe,

a universe of words, ideas, concepts and abstractions,

interwoven and interdependent, most wonderfully generating,

supporting and explaining each other and yet all without essence or substance,

mere creations of the mind.

Words create words, reality is silent.

(Nisargadatta, I Am That, Chapter 87)


You must remember that you are prior to the word; kill the words.

Don’t frame your knowledge, don’t condition it by words.

Be prior to the words.


Here we get how emphatic Nisargadatta could be in the conversation with seekers from around the world who came to hear him in his small loft in Mumbai, India. “Kill the words!” He wants us to realize that real knowledge is the sense of that which is before our verbal world. The verbal world has its limited function which he often acknowledges, but here he speaks to the need to see it for what it is: of the mind. Before and beyond consciousness is our primordial knowing and words can very often, if not always, distract us from getting our own direct perception of that First Reality, the Absolute.





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