the original thought of the Creator


Did humanity’s thought get derailed? Quite obviously yes, it has, it seems to me. Humanity’s thoughts circle around how to experience pleasure and avoid pain. Oh, yes, and the next iPhone. Of course, for our thoughts death is the greatest pain and much effort is put into avoiding it. On the other end of the spectrum, sex and/or chocolate are the greatest pleasure.

I know, individuals have different tastes, but you get the picture. Our world appears to be a world of physical phenomena (objects, persons and circumstances) that either are the source of pain or the source of pleasure. What catches our attention and pulls us into its thought-stream 99.9% of the time is something in one of these categories.

When one begins to attune oneself to the original thought of the Creator (which is your original thought, whether you are aware of it or not), one becomes aware that the original thought is not a mental construct but the primordial first form that the creative principle took. Long, long after the original thought became manifest phenomenal reality, sentient beings appeared with mental capacities. They are able to create concepts and mental constructs, which they call thoughts. These thoughts, mental constructs and concepts can be extensions of the original thought and enhance upon it or express it in various forms, or, conversely, they can get derailed and go off on fruitless tangents into infinity, enamored of their own expression in a sort of self-gratification. When this happens, they become isolated from the original thought of creation and develop into grotesque monstrosities of self-aggrandizement. Often this leads to self-annihilation.

What is the original thought of the Creator? Using our thoughts about the original thought, we attempt to transmit the deeper feeling tone of the original thought. There is first of all the feeling tone of the one being that is the unity behind the multiplicity and diversity. This means that one has a deep sense of being one with and connected to all other beings, and indeed, to all other forms in creation. One feels the deep relationship with all other forms in life. This is another of the deep feeling tones of the original thought, and our word love is a partial expression of it. This deep sense of relationship comes from an inner understanding of what oneself really is: an integral part of this Totality. It becomes real for one to then feel all surroundings, people and all living beings as parts of oneself. Then there is naturally caring for all of these other parts, in whatever way possible.

When tuned in to the energy of the original thought there are no enemies and all are brothers and sisters. There is a living sense of the ever-present source of all existence, that some call, using human language, the Creator. At no time is there the sense of oneself being separate from the Creator and one feels the power of the Creator moving and guiding all actions in daily life. Mental activity is then felt as a tool to accomplish certain actions and to gain further understanding of the reality of the original thought. The original thought fills one with its love and a sense of the care of the creation to the point that other thoughts which do not pertain to the original thought, no longer find a place in one’s consciousness.

The flow of the thought-stream common to modern humanity has become isolated from the original thought. It then becomes increasingly complex and complicated, caught up in innumerable contradictions, specious arguments and sophisms. At other times it is the mind flying its kite with no substance to its thinking beyond one thought following another endlessly and finally senselessly. Humanity is engaged in a superficial fascination of its own sophisticated and elaborate inventions and ideas to the extent that it has almost completely lost all sense of the original thought of the Creator. It is now therefore on the verge of energetic starvation and is grasping at anything in the attempt to nourish itself, but to no avail. It cannot nourish itself by consuming something that has no substance as is the case of the man-made illusion that surrounds it. This illusion is composed of ideas that appear real because of the trance that the person is in, but these ideas lack the energy of reality. They are less real than soap bubbles or foam on the beach that forms small mountains, only to be washed away by the next wave.

Reality that is the substance and the ground of existence is energy and it is not something phenomenal or physical, although all phenomena exist because of it. When living in the phenomenal world it is not sufficient to merely interact with the forms that the energy of reality takes. The only way to partake of this energy is to begin to live in the original thought of the Creator at all times, and actually live as that original thought. This calls for deep mindfulness and understanding of what it means to live in the present moment. This sounds simplistic, but those who have begun to actually live in this way will confirm its absolute validity and efficacy. They are no longer malnourished and are beginning to thrive in all ways. They have become energy centers of renewal of the original spirit of humanity and wherever they go they see proof of this in their daily lives. They know that they are already now living in the New Earth and they no longer strive for some other ‘higher’ state, great change in the phenomenal world or a ‘greater miracle’. They are the full miracle of living the original thought, which is Heaven on Earth, and they ask for no more but are eager to give whatever they can.

Living within the illusion without awareness of what the illusion is we call “conditioned mind-flow”. It is to follow and live what one perceives as one’s own thoughts and this way of living leads to confusion. Why? Because the thought-forms that one assumes as coming from oneself are actually 90% of the time simply reactions to the phenomena that surround us. This is called conditioned mind-flow or thought-stream because it is wholly determined, or formed by the sentient stream of consciousness in one’s neurology re-acting to the forms of life (or ‘conditions’) that are perceived by the physical sense organs.

This form of consciousness is also called the “objective outlook”, for it sees the world and the forms in it as being objects separate from oneself. In reality one is always the one subject without a second, therefore the objective outlook in necessarily greatly confused, because it bases its perception on an illusion. The conditioned consciousness, however, revels in the ability to create ever more forms and is enamored in the play with these forms, whether physical or thought-forms. It is like an infant enthralled by the baubles dangling above its crib.

This state of delusional consciousness commands one’s attention and fascination until the inevitable clash with reality occurs. This may happen when one suddenly notices that one does not really know who or what one is and all of one’s views based on the objective outlook come crashing down. Then one begins to question the small-self outlook which is founded on the view that all of creation is separate from oneself. This can lead to recognizing the illusion for what it is and one begins to awaken from the trance.

At present it seems that it is very difficult for humanity to experience this clash with reality which can be a catalyst to recognizing the illusion. This seems to be due to the ever-new layers of a trance-like state that each of us is helping to create and sustain. Will the present increase in the harshness and pain of the human experience in conditioned consciousness result in the deep trance state being overcome because unbearable? That is the question.

It is clear, however, that alleviating the discomfort being experienced on any level (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) by creating yet another thought-form within the objective outlook is no more than a temporary pacifier for the infant who is refusing to awaken to its role as carrier and co-generator of the Creator’s original thought. Mothers call it a “Binky”. Such a Binky is the thought-form of a powerful savior from above (or from another dimension) whether in a space-craft or on a pink cloud. Also, the thought-form of an inevitable catastrophe that will annihilate humanity and disintegrate the entire Earth, which is a kind of periodical purge that is part of a cosmic cycle, can produce the sense of being liberated from the need to assume one’s ultimate responsibility as the one undying subject that cannot be disintegrated.

When the realization dawns, somehow, that one in reality is this one subject, this creator-beingness, and that one is in the role as a part of the Creator which has become submerged in the illusion in order to overcome this illusion in its most insidious form, then empowerment begins. This is called recognizing one’s position in creation and the potential of the illusion. When one is able to awaken out of oneself from this deeply seductive trance state by recognizing all the variations of the illusion, one becomes empowered, because one is no longer susceptible to the illusion deluding, deceiving and hooking one into the bondage of the illusion. The objective outlook is then seen for what it is: absolute illusion. It is then given up in the same way that the fear of the snake dissipates when one recognizes the piece of rope on the ground. One then knows the one reality and one “loses all notions of either unity or duality, of oneself and the ego.” (source)

Not that this state of inner awareness free of the illusion comes overnight and is immediately constant. It is indeed constant awareness required, but once the illusion has really been seen and felt for what it is, and one recognizes the suffering that one causes when one remains in the illusion, any relapse into conditioned consciousness is felt like an illness and one is strongly motivated to awaken more and more deeply to the absolute reality.

The ones in human form that have walked the Earth with this unconditional consciousness (consciousness out of itself and not relative to any thing) are many: Buddha, Lao-Tzu, Jesus, Ramakrishna, St. Francis, Rumi, Ramana, Krishnamurti, Shunryu Suzuki, Thich Nhat Hanh and many others. These are the ones who have left credible testimony to their state as awakened ones. We can include many who just live their lives unobtrusively as awakened ones without becoming known in that way, such as, perhaps, Mary Jones who lives inconspicuously down the street in a modern suburb.

These all lived in the New Earth, which has variously been called the Kingdom of Heaven, the ultimate dimension, the Absolute or the Now. Whatever term is used, the common quality of their lives was that each moment was New and each step was on Earth that has just then come into existence in that moment. Their consciousness was a living expression of the Creator’s original thought, which is the bringing into manifestation with inner awareness of the energy of Love in all its intricate and yet simple depth.

In this state all is seen and felt as sacred because one brings the quality of appreciation for the love of the creation out of oneself, at one’s own will, in every moment, continuously. Can you and I do this? Yes, why not? All that prevents this is our lack of courage. It takes courage to look at ourselves completely naked in our psychological mirror, divested of all concepts, however much they are cherished and have given us a kind of solace. They have given us respite from our pain of feeling ourselves cut off from the juice of life everlasting.

These varied concepts, whatever they may be, from flat Earth to rescue by ET’s, from ascension to the apocalypse, from existentialism to hedonism, all are nothing more than artificial constructs, much like any chemical substance that is ingested in order to induce a certain artificial and temporary state of perception. They all have in common a quality of being that desecrates creation because it excludes recognition of the reality that is free of the illusion.

This reality is called ‘sacred’ because of its pristine, untouched, unborn and undying eternal quality. If it is neglected and denied, if one refuses to live it, one is catapulted out of the only source of vitality in existence and one begins to energetically starve. This quality is the original thought and it cannot be compromised. One can only deny it as the absolute reality and then one is in the man-made world of man’s limited thoughts, which is forever on-going suffering, cut off from the juice of reality.






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