Creature of Wings

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by of Common Sense Knight

raven_wings__darkness_moving_into_the_light Of all the warm time she spent and couldn’t remember about she was welcomed by some more warmth of motherly love and smile by a loving figure she didn’t knew of but could realize she was in safe and loving abode. Raised with all the love and affection the loving figure who she later realized was called mother. Mother taught this little creature many things about life, about world, living she grasped them all very well she was indeed a brainy creature. Continue reading

I Could Get Used to This…


I had one of those exceptional dreams a while ago – the kind that when you “wake up” you realize that the dream was a real as where you are now.
And hearing the view recently that the dream quality of experience is how emotions manifest into a dimension of their own (some call it the 4th dimension) – I let my senses linger with this particular dream vision/experience a few times during the day so as to let the quality solidify itself more deeply into the cells of my psycho-somatic organism.

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Into Thin Air

thin air

thin air

Artwork Images Copyright Dave Goldman

We interface into this world out of nothing

Like a hand into the glove

We fit inside it like we were made for it

Made of it and we are but

We come from somewhere else

That is not this world Continue reading

the axis on which the Earth revolves

Thich Nhat Hanh

“Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the Earth revolves – slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future. Live the actual moment.

Only this moment is life.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh




“… it becomes clearer that our main mission here is simply to live, to breathe the air and to let the love within us flow. Just the simple living of an everyday life is sacramental when the person is living with that consciousness of “all is love” humming its tune beneath our words and thoughts. To live devotionally does not mean, necessarily, that one becomes a hermit or a wandering pilgrim, although if you feel called to it, blessings on your way. To me, at least, the daily things are the most holy, the washing up, the chores, the errands. All moves in rhythm, and we are just part of that symphony of all life that shares energy back and forth.”

Carla Rueckert (Book V, Law of One, Fragment Five)




You are not part of a material universe – Ra – Law of One

Book V of the Law Of One – The Ra Material consists of fragments that for various reasons were not included in the first publishing of The Law Of One. I have selected a few passages from these fragments for this post because some statements within these passages speak to me very strongly. Here are the statements I wish to highlight – the first three by Ra:

“I am Ra. … The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the infinite Creator has only one important statement. That statement, my friends, as you know, is that all things, all life, all of the creation is part of one original thought.

[My comment: In this passage the term “one original thought” intrigues me. It gives me the sense of an understanding that is basic and that is not dependent on the life circumstances one might find oneself in. For me this is synonymous with the “ground of being”. ]

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knowledge of tomorrow

Cloud Being I cropped small

There is no knowledge of tomorrow.

Observation implies no accumulation of knowledge, even though knowledge is obviously necessary at a certain level: knowledge as a doctor, knowledge as a scientist, knowledge of history, of all the things that have been. After all, that is knowledge: information about the things that have been. Continue reading

What is it like to be an energy being?

light body

Sometimes dreams leave such a vivid and lasting impression that shows me something I haven’t yet experienced that clearly in my “waking” hours. I  call these “teaching dreams”. Last night was such a dream experience. In this dream I was suddenly completely aware that I was an energy being. Continue reading

mental preparation – understanding more deeply

cat studying

Our consensus consciousness is, in my understanding, the result of a kind of common denominator: what we all hold as true. Most of us are aware that our concepts about “truth” have been strongly manipulated and we are now in the process of dis-covering our own individual truth as a dynamic process of staying awake and alert, using inner awareness to bring about discernment, and thus gaining a more and more coherent view of what reality is and how it functions. This means study is required. Truth does not come delivered on a golden platter with the six o’clock news. There are several sources we can study that offer us concepts for a deeper understanding of truth. Two of my favorites at present are: The Law of One – Ra Material (link HERE) and The Nature of Personal Reality (Jane Roberts – the Seth Material – links HERE and HERE). The following message also provides, in my opinion, a deeper understanding that all of us will require in order to take in the coming Full Disclosure on the Humanity’s situation.

Message from the ‘Team’
Matrix of This Dimension
Peggy Black and the ‘team’
We are here always to support and encourage your true understanding of who you are. We continue to remind you that you are pure conscious energy and light. You are infinite and limitless. These concepts and ideas are being offered to you in many forms and many sources. We are also messengers to spark your awakening to your own unlimited magnificence. We honor you also in your physical form and realize that has been your main focus. However the time has arrived that you own and you recognize the truth of who you are as a being of light consciousness dwelling in matrix created by thought. You exist in a thought universe. Imagine for a moment that your reality could be a hologram of vibrations of  thought and light. We remind you the quote by one of your sages know as Albert Einstein  “Reality is merely an illusion albeit a very persistent one.” So we truly understand your difficulty in holding this field of awareness while everything around you feels so solid and “real”.Consider that if everything is vibration and frequency, which it is, and your brain is programmed to translate these vibrations in a certain way. There is a real possible that the limited programs, the limited information, the limited beliefs that have been encoded in your very DNA are a detriment to your awakening. You brain decodes and projects  onto the energy field creating the illusion of your physical world from all the misinformation and limited beliefs that are handed down one generation to another.

You media, your religions, and other forms of communication continue to empower and strengthen these limitations. Consider that every being on your planet is contributing to this illusion with their own limited beliefs and programs of limitation. You can begin to see how this reality continues to be held in this dysfunctional place.

When you as baby take your first breath, you engage with this energy matrix, this hologram or as we like to called it a hologame. You veil your infinite knowing in order to play in the 3D reality.

You as divine multidimensional being of light consciousness, are here in this seemingly physical reality to transform the misqualified energy. You as well as all others are here to bring light, to express light and to extend light.

Remember that your  thoughts are  a frequency, your thoughts are a vibration. Your words create in this holographic matrix. Your conscious vibrations  interface with this quantum field of energy. Even your human aura is a field of light that is felt by others in all exchanges. We have called these various vibrations that emanate from your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and programs your energy signature.

It is this energy signature that we are inviting you to own in a new conscious manner. To begin to step out of any pre-programmed beliefs that you have acquired that might be limiting in any way. Begin to question these beliefs. Investigate where you acquired them, what is holding them in place. Begin to recognize the trance state. Ask yourself  how these limited beliefs might be sabotaging some aspect of your life as well as your desire to support humanity in life-sustaining actions to transform this planet.

Remember that your physical form is made up of energy atoms and light, These energy atoms are talking to each other at all time. Every aspect of your own physical form is always in communication with the whole. So ask yourself what is your own personal body talk.  What do you say to your physical body throughout the day?  Do you acknowledge its support and well being?  Do you constantly reaffirm physical limitations?  Do you listen to various frequencies of the parts and pieces which form your physical/energy body?

We invite you to consider that your body is a hologram of your thoughts, beliefs and programs. Even as solid as it feels  and as solid as you experience it, it is a matrix of light particles, interfacing and responding to other light particles of various vibrations and frequencies.

Consider that your thoughts are the building blocks of the hologram. It is divine thought that is the creator of oneness, you are part of this oneness, always have been and always will be. It is the spark of divine thought/vibration within you that is the creator of all you experience. This one truth can set you free of any limitations. We will repeat this for you: it is the spark of divine thought/vibration within you that is the creator of all you experience.

So begin to play in the hologame, this hologram in a manner that is unlimited. Realize that you can shift how and where you place your focus. Ask yourself why might you create this in your personal hologame? Ask yourself why you might support the creation of issues and situations on the planet that are  life diminishing? Become aware of your focus, do you focus on the problems or do you focus on the reality you desire to experience?

This mental shift is the work of a true master of consciousness, who understands that this reality, as solid as it feels, as enjoyable as it is, as challenging as it can be, is an illusion truly created by the energy thoughts of light interfacing with the matrix of this dimension. Begin to play full out with this thought-universe. Allow yourself to engage with your true understanding and knowledge of your multidimensional self as an aspect of wholeness and oneness as a divine creator.

We have spoken about thinking and creating outside the box of your limitation. We continue to inform and encourage you to recognize, know and own your creative power as a being of  divine light consciousness existing in all time-frames and dimensions. And as this being of divine light consciousness you have allowed an aspect and focus to play and create in this 3D reality because it is an adventure. Realize that you truly pop in and pop out of this existence.

We understand that we have stretched you just a bit. However, we also acknowledge that you as pure energy are quite stretchable. We are ever available to assist and support you in any way. We are as close as a request as all other divine conscious beings are as well. We are one remember.

the ‘team’

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