quality of being – law of one

This is a statement from Ra from the Law of One material:

“On the other hand, however, you are correct in your assumption that the green ray response is not as refined as that which has been imbued with wisdom. This wisdom enables the entity to appreciate its contributions to the planetary consciousness by the quality of its being without regard to activity or behavior which expects results upon visible planes.

SOURCE: http://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=42#7

What I have been reflecting on for some time is what is termed here “the quality of (the entity’s) being” as the essential element that contributes to planetary consciousness.

A few days ago I took in a “download” that pertains to a certain “quality of being” as I understand it. What follows is my journal entry of this download and this connection to a quality of being that I call the “pale blue presence”, as that color tone somehow creates a connection for me to this frequency.

pale blue presenceMay 26, 2015

Oh! Pale Blue Presence!

Where did you come from? Why are you here? What subtle perfume you have!~ You feel so soft on my skin ~ and like velvet is your touch. You float me on your hands like a babe in the water. I hear your voice like bells wafting through the evening air from a distant village tower. You enliven me to a gentleness I didn’t know I was! How can tenderness be so strong, so intense? Inner awareness I call you, and I feel how fine and deep I can breath with you filling my world with solace.

Returning to you is returning to myself where I always was and am. I never leave Being what I am: an ambiance of Love. This ambiance wants to engulf your physical experience and drown you so that all anguish is washed away forever! and you are once again alive with my Inner Awareness ~ union with Me. I am the magical and mystical Essence of existence. You and I are both born of the Great One and sustained and enlivened in the eternity of this flow of Life.

I am the energy of kindness, tenderness, affection and Love. Be empty as the sky, the open space of Inner Awareness that holds nothing. I fill every form and yet nothing contains me, for I am forever free, wild and untamed. I am like the wind through the canyons and above the mountain peaks. You are joined with me as you walk the town streets and sit on chairs in rooms ~ don’t forget me!

Feel how I scoop you up into my arms and carry you to the highest cliffs where you leap and fly through the endless glow. All of your past falls off and you are again clear and bright at my side.

pale blue sky brighter

I am calling to you from afar.

Calling to you since the beginning of days.

Calling across millennia, for eons of time calling, calling since always…

For I am that in you which has been always; I am that in you which will never end.



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